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10. Grasping God’s Will and Seeking God’s Meaning

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10. Grasping God’s Will and Seeking God’s Meaning

Grasping God’s will is a visionary aspect of the truth that those who serve God must understand clearly. Examples of this are the meaning of God’s work, God’s purpose in working man, God’s demands for man, how God requires man to cooperate when it comes to one particular work method or work procedure, what expectations and hopes God has for man, etc. If man tries to know these things, it is called grasping God’s will. Seeking God’s meaning encompasses a great many things, which include every single thing that God says and everything that God does. Man can seek God’s meaning from these things. Man can also seek God’s meaning from each situation that he encounters. Of course, these must be matters that involve God’s words. As to those meaningless matters God does not interfere in, man should not and cannot seek God’s meaning in them. Grasping God’s will and seeking God’s meaning are things that those who do work must learn. Someone who is qualified to serve God must be able to grasp God’s will and seek God’s meaning, otherwise, he will not be qualified to serve God. If you truly understand God’s will and know God’s meaning when it comes to many matters, you would be someone who has some knowledge of God and someone who understands the truth. In God’s family, you will be someone who is quite useful. It is a pity that there are not a lot of people like this. Presently, people have too many notions. They disobey God too much. This indicates that people do not understand God’s meaning nor do they understand God’s will in many matters. No matter how much doctrine and knowledge man possesses, isn’t this just a tool for resisting God? It cannot take the place of an understanding of God at all.

Grasping God’s will and seeking God’s meaning is the path of seeking an understanding of God. To know how to grasp God’s will and seek God’s meaning within God’s work and in every matter is a form of seeking that is most in accordance with God’s will. This is a shortcut in regard to obtaining the truth and entering the life. All those who love the truth just need to seek in this manner and they will attain an understanding of God. All those who are serious about putting the truth into practice should even more learn how to grasp God’s will and seek God’s meaning. Actually, if one wants to accurately put the truth into practice, one must understand God’s meaning. Seeking God’s meaning is a precondition to putting the truth into practice. If you do not seek God’s meaning, then you will be unable to put the truth into practice. Those who serve God must be able to grasp God’s will. If you do not understand God’s will, inevitably, you will interrupt and contradict God’s work and you will end up resisting God. There have been many workers who went against the work arrangements from the above and did something else. As a result, they ran counter to God’s will and were eliminated. Each time the fellow workers group hosts a meeting to guide all the workers so that they have a clear vision and an understanding of God’s will and thus avoid deviation. If workers are all able to grasp God’s will and seek God’s meaning, God wouldn’t have lots to worry about. It’s a pity that people’s spiritual stature is insufficient. In fact, it is rather lacking. If someone is not sent to supervise them, mistakes and deviation can occur. Even though external situations can be taken good care of, given enough time, without a clear vision, people may still collapse. This is because, without the truth, people cannot resolve practical difficulties. This confirms that man is unable to grasp God’s will in his work. If one is unable to seek God’s meaning in all matters, then he does not have the truth and he would not be suitable to be used by God.

If man can grasp God’s will when it comes to the vision of God’s work, and can seek God’s meaning in actual practice and truly has the reality of practicing the truth, this is someone that does God’s will. I frequently hear people say that they do not know how to practice. That means they do not know how to seek God’s meaning and they do not understand God’s will. There are also some people who frequently become negative due to feeling perplexed when it comes to their future and their final destination. There are also people who have a worried frown because they frequently feel restrained by the title of “service-doers.” The reason is that these people are not clear about the vision of God’s work, and thus until now they are still unable to grasp God’s will. They frequently try to estimate what’s in the heart of the great with the heart of the mean. This is called getting upset over nothing. If one does not understand God’s will, it shows they are not clear about the vision. Of course, they will not have the energy to follow God. Especially if workers of God’s family do not understand God’s will, it is inevitable that they will interrupt God’s work. There are some workers who do not understand God’s will when it comes to the spreading work of this time. They frequently use people based on the high standards for selection of church leaders that pertain to the period when the church was being established. The result is that they cause serious harm to the work. God has different aims in each period of work. The differing nature of the work means that the results will also not be the same. Man must not follow the rules. If one uses the old work rules to do the new work, then the new work will be ruined. Isn’t this interrupting God’s work? Who can afford the damages that leaders who do not understand God’s will bring to the church? Leaders must have a clear vision. Those who are unable to grasp God’s will are not qualified to be leaders. Workers who want to serve God’s will must be clear about the truth on the vision. They must strictly follow God’s work arrangements and they must not deviate from the center. During work, they must frequently reflect on themselves and see whether they are doing something that is going against God’s will. They must know that the consequences of going against God’s will are serious and that they will result in damages to their life.

There are five main aspects that people must be clear about in regard to seeking God’s meaning:

1. When it comes to the understanding of God, one must be absolutely serious, be precise about it, and explain it thoroughly so that others will be fully convinced. Shouting slogans and bombastic talk is deceptive and fake.

2. It is even more important to seek God’s meaning in regard to man’s notions about God so that man can obtain an understanding of the truth. This is the area that people most easily neglect. It is also a crucial issue when it comes to the understanding of God. The majority of people suffer losses in this aspect.

3. God’s meaning must be sought in all the areas that God has demands for people so that practicing and entering can be done more accurately. This is where the crux of putting the truth into practice and entering into reality lies.

4. One must seek God’s meaning in areas where it is easy for people to commit sins and offend the administrative decrees. Corresponding truths must be accurately put into practice. This is also the only way to resolve transgressions.

5. When putting all truths into action and fulfilling all the duties that one must fulfill, one must seek God’s meaning: How do I put it into action so that I can fulfill God’s demands? How can I satisfy God’s will?

The five aspects listed above are the five main principles that people must adhere to when seeking God’s meaning in all matters. Of course, even though seeking God’s meaning encompasses many aspects, they all fall within the scope of God’s words. Man has no way of seeking all the matters that do not involve God’s words. There is no way for him to feel the moving of the Holy Spirit clearly. Additionally, dreams will not occur frequently (only under special circumstances). There is no way to confirm whether a dream an individual has comes from God. Nowadays God’s incarnation is revealed completely through words. This is the most convenient and suitable way for man to understand the truth and put it into practice. When seeking God’s meaning, it is mainly to seek the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination within God’s words. You must accurately find out God’s meaning. It can be said that this is the only path to seeking the truth. It is imperative to seek even more of the substance of the truth from God’s words. All the efforts should be placed into God’s words. Sometimes, the individual understanding may not be accurate. In order to prevent themselves from fallaciously understanding and deviating from practicing the truth, one must seek and communicate more and get it verified. Only then shall they be certain about it. There are two main aspects of truths that people should enter. One aspect is having an understanding of God. It is relatively hard to understand God’s meaning in this aspect of God’s word. Even those who have the ability to understand must rely on the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment along with their experience to obtain results. The other aspect is that of man’s practice. It is relatively easy to seek God’s meaning within this aspect of God’s words, because God speaks in a way that is easy for people to understand and grasp. But due to people’s rebellious nature, practicing the truth well is not easy. For instance, in regard to fulfilling duties, God’s words say that one should not just go through the motions and deceive God. Even though people know God’s meaning, putting it into practice is difficult. God says that one must be an honest person and not a deceitful person. People know God’s meaning but find it difficult to carry it out, so they will only find it easy to enter into after having more communication about it and the understanding of their experience. Seeking God’s meaning can also be described as understanding the essence of God’s words. Basically, understanding the truth is depending on seeking God’s meaning. If one does not seek God’s meaning from God’s words and only has a literal understanding of it, this is too superficial. Not understanding the essence of God’s words and not understanding the heartfelt meaning of God’s words is equivalent to not understanding the truth. Speaking of doctrines is a practice of deceiving people. It basically cannot help one with attaining the goal of putting the truth into practice. People must obtain the truth before they can have a change in their life disposition. Without the truth man’s corrupt disposition will never change. They will only turn into a crafty demon. Only through seeking God’s meaning can one understand the truth and obtain life. A greater understanding of the truth within God’s words leads to a greater change. It also leads to faster changes in one’s life disposition. If one understands a lot of doctrines in God’s words, all one will change into is an arrogant and conceited person. They will resist God even more, just like the religious Pharisees.

Just how does one seek God’s meaning? There is a way to achieve this as well. One must investigate and ponder over many aspects of God’s words. Take one particular aspect of the truth and comprehensively read it in detail. As a result, this aspect of the truth will be comparatively clearer. God’s words explain some matters very clearly and it is comparatively easy to understand. God’s words do not point out directly other matters. For these matters, one must grasp God’s meaning from the heartfelt meaning of God’s words. It can be said that all crucial matters have already been clearly explained by God’s words and man can directly understand God’s meaning. In regard to rather trivial matters, they have already in fact been encompassed by God’s words and their principles have already been explained. Those who are able to comprehend it will be able to understand these matters. Within God’s words, we frequently see that sometimes God will give man a principle to practice. Sometimes God will permit man to understand His demands for man or He will give man an objective to achieve. Even though God does not explain in detail the specifics, He has already clearly explained the principles. It can be understood even if He does not explain in detail. God will never give man dead regulations for man to obstinately cling to because this is not beneficial to man’s dispositional transformation. The results that God’s work intends to attain do not require man to obstinately cling to anything. That is why there are many specific matters where God would only give man a principle or only requires man to understand God’s required goals for man. Clever people should know how to practice in accordance with the truth and in a way that does not violate the principles. For example, how should one deal with her unbelieving husband that obstructs her from fulfilling her duties? Even though God does not directly say that she should divorce him, He also does not say that she is not permitted to divorce him. Instead, God says that man must be devoted to God and be obedient to God. One must offer a part of himself to spreading the work of God. From this, one should be able to experience what God’s heartfelt meaning is. God will never force one to do this or do that. God wants one to decide for himself. In this way, some people will choose the truth and choose to love God. Consequentially, they will obtain God’s praise. Those that are not considerate of God’s will do not understand God’s meaning and instead choose a path that is not of the truth. In the end, they will be detested and rejected by God. People with an average intelligence and sense do not need each matter to be explained in detail by God. If one comprehensively examines God’s implied meaning, the tone of God’s words, the demands that God has for man and the results that God’s work intends to achieve, they will be able to grasp God’s meaning. Some people ask, “Should we abandon the secular world?” Now, how much of an obstruction would you say the secular world has in terms of seeking the truth, the life and fulfilling one’s duties? Can you expend for God if you are entangled by the secular world? This is a simple question. If one cannot see this clearly, then they truly do not have a brain in their head. There are no limits when it comes to seeking the truth and spending for God. The more beautiful the results, the better. Since time is urgent, even if man relinquishes the secular world, he will not be able to catch up. If he still lusts for the secular world, he should just go die. Actually, within God’s words, what everyone should understand, practice, enter and keep to has already been clearly written. Moreover, it has already been clearly explained. What is left is for man to accurately put it into practice. The principles to be followed and the regulations to be abandoned should just be communicated a few times in the church by those who have a pure understanding to be clearly understood. After a period of time of experience, one will completely be able to accurately and without deviation, put them into practice. The final 9 articles especially include many aspects, for example, doing enough good deeds for one’s own destination, being an honest person and being devoted to God, man’s transgressions, everyone’s destination, the relationship between man and God, man’s notions and states, how to understand God, how to understand God’s disposition, man’s betrayal and man’s nature, etc. It can be seen that God loves man to the extreme. He has revealed man’s nature of betrayal so that man can understand and resolve it. At least tens of subjects have been explained extremely clearly. We should see God’s earnest intentions from it. Based on these 9 pieces of God’s word, the issues of man believing in God have pretty much been dealt with. They really have been completely revealed. Right now, it seems that seeking God’s meaning basically is not a hard matter. However, man’s caliber is too poor. He is not able to understand at all. This requires someone’s leadership. If you want this group of people to read God’s words and then completely understand, you must speak with them face to face for ten years, and explain it in their local dialect, otherwise they still will not understand. Then how long must God’s work continue for? People should not be too selfish. They should just put more efforts, pay more price, suffer a little and that is it. People do not know how to understand and be considerate of God’s earnest intentions. They also do not know in which aspect it is easy for them to be punished. Which aspect man should enter has already been revealed and exposed by God so that man can understand and resolve. He has even given man a three-point covenant. He has given man clear promises. He has told man that He is man’s refuge, and how man should love God and be considerate of God’s will so that he can attain God’s salvation and disasters will not befall him. He has also pointed out how man’s dreams can come true. These words have truly been spoken very clearly. God loves man to the extreme. If man still does not understand, then man is truly heartless. The blessings have already befallen man, yet he still does not want to accept them. Man does not know how to appreciate favors.

Regarding seeking God’s meaning, the main point is to put more efforts into God’s words. Those who are of poor caliber must suffer a little more, cast off more of the secular world, attend gatherings more, fellowship more, and practice whatever they have understood. Be an honest person, do not just be perfunctory and go through the actions when you fulfill your duties. Do not deceive God and do not do evil things. Only thus would you receive God’s blessings. Seeking God’s meaning is very simple. It is not a very difficult task because God’s words include various aspects and have covered everything. If man reads God’s words for dozens of or several hundred times, his understanding would only get more and more clearer. There is no way he would be more and more muddled. Additionally, people want to get fat with only one mouthful. After taking one mouthful, they should also do some exercise. One’s body requires digestion to grow. One should put into practice immediately what he has understood. Do not wait until you understand completely before you start to put it into practice. By then, it would be too late. Those who have the ability to understand should fellowship more and let those who are of poor caliber to be able to catch up. Cooperate more with each other and help more one another so that everyone can achieve the goal of understanding truth and putting the truth into practice.

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