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150 Growing Up Amid the Wind and Snow

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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150 Growing Up Amid the Wind and Snow

1 The sky is filled with snowflakes, all fluttering to the ground. A thought is freed with the thawing snow. That winter, the police took away my father. My mother luckily escaped, since then we’ve been worlds apart. Who arrested my father, who tortured and illegally detained him? Who rabidly pursues me, forcing me to flee wherever I can? Our once-happy family has been shattered. Where is my mother now? Is she safe?

2 Many times, I have dreamt of my mother’s arrest. In a panic, I awake in tears. When I’m weak, God’s words guide me and bolster my confidence. Through the suffering of the flesh, I gain a sense of how difficult God’s work is. I clearly see that the CCP are satanic demons that are hostile to God. They have spilled the blood of so many saints, marred so many lives! But God’s disposition is inviolable, and Satan will surely perish. I am resolute in my faith, I worry no more, and submit to God’s orchestrations.

3 Mother, God’s love accompanies us, let us rest assured. God paid the price of His life to save man. Suffering and trials are God’s love, they are to make us perfect. Christ’s good soldiers must be thoroughly tempered. Perhaps, one day, we will be arrested and imprisoned. Perhaps, one day, we’ll no longer have the chance to get together. But I will never regret my choice to believe in God. With God’s words accompanying me, I am no longer lonely or afraid.

4 Mother, how I wish to share the words within my heart. I’ve learned independence during the years I’ve been away. When I face setbacks, I’ve learned to rely on God; no longer do I shy away. When I perform my duty, I can seek the truth, and I act recklessly no more. Experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement, I have shed untold tears. Once so capricious, I’ve now grown up. God has given me so much on this journey. How honored I feel to undertake God’s commission today. No matter how rocky the road, I shall repay God’s love.

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