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“Guarding Against False Christs” Exposed My Neglect of Duty


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“Guarding Against False Christs” Exposed My Neglect of Duty

At one meeting, the leader once again fellowshipped about the truths of “guarding against false christs.” She also said that now in Guangdong Province some false christs had deceived many believers, that some who were from our former denomination had also been deceived, and that the false christs might come here at any time. The leader also told me that I must fellowship more with the brothers and sisters about the truths concerning “distinguishing between the true Christ and the false christs,” helping them to lay a solid foundation against the disturbance by false christs. At that time, I thought with confidence, “In this period I’ve been fellowshipping about the truths of this aspect with the brothers and sisters; even if the false christs really come, they will not receive them. We may rest assured.”

But I never expected that when I just came back from the meeting, I heard that two persons, who claimed to be “spiritual” sisters from Guangzhou, had come to a church to fellowship with the brothers and sisters about God’s word, and that they had already visited that whole church. I was stunned: Could the false christs have really come here?

I hurried to a host home of that church. I saw that the two “spiritual” persons were talking with several brothers and sisters, one of whom was even the small-district assistant. As soon as they saw me, the two persons said they wanted to have a fellowship with me, saying that we needn’t to rigidly stick to the work arrangements and they had become outdated. Upon hearing that, I got a shock in my heart: “They are really false christs! In The Manual of the Principles for the Church Work, it clearly says that ‘the work arrangements for the church and the principles that must be observed can never be changed.’ But they say they are outdated. Aren’t they obviously deceiving people?” Only then did I realize the gravity of the matter. I thought to myself, “What should I do? They’ve visited this whole church; so the brothers and sisters must have been ‘poisoned’ deeply….” Sure enough, when I told the brothers and sisters that we should have discernment, they all sided with the “fakes” and said what they spoke was right and good. Even the assistant stood dumbfounded aside, unable to discern it. Facing the scene of the false christs’ deceiving them, I was at a loss what to do, worried, angry, and nervous. Seeing that I was caught unprepared, the “fakes” surrounded me, following me closely at every step while speaking and asking. Having no choice, I took my assistant by the hand and left the host home.

After I came out of the host home, I not only did not examine myself, but complained that the brothers and sisters were not obedient. I told them many times not to receive any strangers, but they still did. Now they’ve been deceived; what can I do? While I was complaining, a passage in the man’s fellowship rang in my ears: “The true meaning of leading is to lead the people to eat and drink God’s word, to understand the truth and practice truth, to understand the intention of God, to perform their duties properly, and in the end to achieve the result that they all know God, obey God, and worship God. From here, it is not difficult to see that the true meaning of leading is to bring the people before God so that they can all know God, obey God, and worship God. If one does not understand the substance of the truth of leading the church, he will only keep some regulations and practices. When he leads people to have meetings, he will only go through the motions and cannot achieve the results required by God.”

At the moment, I was ashamed and afraid. In this period of time, as I reflected, God’s family attached special importance to the work of ‘guarding against false christs’ and constantly fellowshipped about the truths of this aspect. However, though I had carried out this work, I only went through the motions. I did not at all seek what God’s will was in this work and what results we should achieve in doing this work. I failed to do my duty as a leader—to bring the brothers and sisters before God and help them to understand the truth and know God and lay a solid foundation. As a result, they were not clear about the truths and were deceived. I really deserve to be cursed and punished! At the moment, I remembered how quickly the false christs could deceive people and how serious consequences they could bring, as mentioned at co-workers’ meetings; I was even more horrified and got a cold sweat all over. Then I dared not delay and immediately contacted the leader. Later, God’s family sent two sisters to help us, and in time, the brothers and sisters were saved and the false christs were driven away.

This experience was deeply engraved on my mind. It made me realize the serious consequences of my doing things without seeking the results. Although the brothers and sisters have been rescued, it is my neglect of duty to perform the duty in that way. O God, thank you that you didn’t treat me according to my transgression but still uplift me to perform my duty. In the future, I will seek more and pay attention to achieving results in everything, and pursue to be a person who has the truth and whom you can trust.

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