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929 Has Your Heart Turned to God?

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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929 Has Your Heart Turned to God?

A human heart that has turned to God is one that can constantly orient itself toward God, a heart that can forsake the flesh, and a heart that can contemplate God; in their conduct and speech, in their every behavior, such people can satisfy the God they love, and their hearts always bear a burden for God’s will. This means they have turned their hearts to God. When your ideas and thoughts are not right, you can forsake your own intentions, to instead act according to God’s will. The more you experience in this way, the more able your heart will be to turn to God, and the more able you will be to satisfy God and to love Him. When trials come, you can still love God; whether you face imprisonment, illness, ridicule, or slander from others, or seem to have no way out, you can still love God. This means your heart has turned to God.

Adapted from God’s Fellowship

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