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587 Man Has Not Fully Given His heart to God

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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587 Man Has Not Fully Given His heart to God

1 In the kingdom, I am King—but instead of treating Me as its King, man treats Me as the Savior that has descended from heaven. As a result, he longs for Me to give him alms, and does not pursue the knowledge of Me. So many have cried out before Me like a beggar; so many have opened their “sacks” to Me and implored Me to give them food to survive; so many have fixed greedy eyes upon Me, like hungry wolves, wishing they could gobble Me up and fill their bellies; so many have bowed their heads in silence because of their transgressions and felt ashamed, praying for My clemency, or willingly accepting My chastisement.

2 When I speak, the various follies of man appear preposterous, and his true form is revealed amid the light, and in the shining light, man is unable to forgive himself. Thus, he hurries before Me to bow down and confess his sins. Because of man’s “honesty,” I draw him once more upon the chariot of salvation, and hence man is grateful to Me, and casts Me a loving look. Yet he is still unwilling to truly take refuge in Me, and has not fully given his heart to Me. He merely boasts of Me, yet he does not truly love Me, for he has not turned his mind to Me; his body is before Me, yet his heart is behind Me.

Adapted from “Chapter 22” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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