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6. Only Being an Honest Person Is True Repentance

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6. Only Being an Honest Person Is True Repentance

Anyone who has experienced God’s work of the last days over the last few years already knows that mankind has been very deeply corrupted by Satan and doesn’t have the likeness of real human beings at all. They don’t possess the conscience and reason of human beings, they believe in God but deceive God, and they serve God but resist God. Everything corrupt mankind does resists God. People often lie, cheat, pretend, act perfunctorily, intentionally deceive, complain about God and betray Him. You just don’t see people truly obeying God, you don’t see them practicing the truth, you don’t see them being loyal to God, and moreover you don’t see them having genuine love for God. This shows that people believe in God but they don’t have true repentance. They are all hypocrites who engage in religious rituals to deceive God. As soon as God’s work doesn’t conform with their conceptions, they judge it and constantly disobey and resist God. Even if they devote themselves to spending for God, it is in order to receive blessings. They fulfill their duties completely based on their own intentions, act perfunctorily to deceive God, and don’t truly obey, let alone be mindful of God’s intentions. When they are pruned or dealt with, they even refuse to accept it in their hearts and look for reasons to fight back, judge, and disobey and resist God. They even disagree with obvious facts and what they say is full of falsehoods. At the same time, they also try to restrict other people from telling or revealing the truth because they are afraid their bad deeds will be exposed and they will be eliminated from God’s house. Even if they fulfill a little bit of their duties for God’s house, it’s because they are competing for a crown and because they fantasize about being rewarded by God. It’s obvious that the depth of mankind’s corruption has reached an unreasonable degree. For a corrupt mankind that disobeys and resists God so much and has so little humanity to still be stupidly waiting to be brought up into heaven is the biggest joke in the world. If people really do still have a conscience, then why can’t they realize that such corruption still exists in their belief in God? Can people who don’t know God at all, and moreover can’t obey God, be saved? Can such people be brought into God’s kingdom? Is heaven that easy to enter? If people who don’t know God at all resist and condemn God’s work and people who after hearing God express the truth re-nail Him to the cross and are full of conceptions toward God and even blaspheme against God—could all be brought into heaven, then where is God’s righteousness? Where is God’s holiness? People believe in God but don’t truly repent, yet they still look forward to entering God’s kingdom. This is completely typical of the extravagant aspirations and wishful thinking of corrupt mankind. The entire religious community is expecting their wishes to be fulfilled and it’s too unrealistic.

Just what is true repentance? Do people think they are being repentant as long as they believe in God and don’t drink, don’t gamble, are not promiscuous, don’t hit or curse people, don’t steal or rob, and don’t kill people or take revenge? Do people think they are being repentant as long as they believe in God, fulfill their duty, and spend themselves for God? Do people think they are being repentant as long as they don’t steal offerings or covet the money of God’s house? Do people think they are repentant as long as they can accept God’s work of the last days and not betray, openly resist, or blaspheme God? If people really think repentance is that easy then they have completely gone against God’s intentions and are gravely mistaken. When God asks mankind to repent, He is referring to us breaking free from sin and our corrupt disposition, and then living as true human beings. Showing a bit of enthusiasm for God doesn’t represent true repentance, and neither does serving God’s house with the intent of getting some kind of trade-off. Anyone who often disobeys and resists God has not truly repented. In fact, there is no believer who can truly obey God, be loyal to God, and moreover truly love God, worship God, and shun evil. Even finding an honest person who can sincerely fulfill their duties and not act perfunctorily toward God is not easy. True repentance refers to becoming a new person. If corrupt mankind can be saved by just believing in God and doing a few good deeds, then God would not need to do His judgment and chastisement work of the last days. None of the various behaviors of believers right now can count as true repentance, because anyone who believes in God still lies to fool God and performs their duties perfunctorily to deceive God. They even disagree with obvious facts, engage in sophistry, have deceitful intentions toward God, often disobey and resist God, don’t truly submit to God, and are at risk of betraying God at any time. How could that be true repentance? True repentance must start from being an honest person. Only that conforms with God’s requirements, because only an honest person has normal humanity, and a person must be equipped with normal humanity to be able to live before God, properly serve God, and properly fulfill their duty as a created being. Therefore, corrupt human beings can only be truly repentant if they become a new person, and only by being an honest person can one truly repent. This completely conforms with God’s intentions.

Being an honest person is the most fundamental display of repentance. Anyone can achieve this as long as they are willing to work hard to seek the truth and accept being judged, chastised, pruned and dealt with by God. Being an honest person is the minimum requirement to successfully believing in God. If a person can’t even be an honest person, they will have no hope of being saved. Judas, who sold out Jesus, was a very deceitful person who constantly stole from, and took advantage of, the Lord. So the Holy Spirit handed him over to Satan, and he became the traitor who betrayed the Lord and was cursed. A person who believes in God but does not truly repent is definitely not able to be saved. You must understand what true repentance is. If a person who starts believing in God does a few good deeds as a token gesture, that only shows that they have a little sincerity in their faith but it can’t represent repentance. True repentance refers to becoming a new person. Only by being an honest person can one be accepted by God, while the change in life disposition is the final result of God’s work. The change of personality and being the right type of person can be achieved completely through effort, or at least one will be able to achieve some change and reach God’s minimum standard. For instance, some people are very violent to their spouse and hit them whenever they want. This can be changed. Some people have no patience when teaching their children and are often violent toward them. This can also be changed. Some people often deceive the brothers and sisters in the church by saying false and phony things, and they can’t get along with them normally. This can also be changed.

True repentance is abandoning wrong behaviors and forsaking the flesh to practice the truth. We can definitely change our past behaviors of always saying nice and misleading things to God, deceiving and lying to God, and always performing our duties perfunctorily to dupe God. Repentance is abandoning wrong behaviors and treating God with the conscience and reason of a normal person, just like Abraham and Job had. Of course, to be a completely honest person indeed requires a few years of hard work. If you seek to become an honest person but can’t even reach the standard of being a human being, then you have not truly repented and can’t possibly be saved. Most people have believed in God for many years but have not achieved much change, and they are basically still corrupt people who belong to Satan. They are not much different from unbelievers, are full of lies and deceit, and can’t get along with people normally. The only difference is that they say they believe in God. Isn’t that the biggest act of deceit toward God? Believing in God but not being an honest person is surely deceiving God and still resisting God. How could such a person be allowed to survive? It was often said in the Age of Grace that only by achieving rebirth through true repentance can one enter the kingdom of God. God’s work of the last days is to accomplish this fact. Only honest people can be saved and perfected by God. Believing in God and being saved is not about what duty a person fulfills or their caliber, and it’s not about what leadership level they are at. If one can’t be an honest person they can’t be saved, and will certainly be eliminated. This is because God only saves and perfects honest people. There is no other option if you want to be saved and perfected by God. You must be an honest person. It’s the only path to being saved. If you can’t be an honest person then you are destined to be a failed believer. Only being an honest person is true repentance and will enable you to be saved and made complete by God. There is no doubt about this.

God’s work of the last days is the work of saving and changing mankind. Through judging, chastising, pruning and dealing with mankind, God puts the truth into mankind. Only when mankind understands the truth through God’s words can they start to be purified and changed, and become saved and perfected. During God’s work of saving mankind, He has asked people to be honest several times. This is directly related to saving and perfecting them. After being corrupted by Satan, human beings have completely lost their normal humanity, and their conscience and reason have also totally vanished. Their hearts have become more and more deceitful, their mouths are filled with lies, and they are driven by personal gain. They have no honor, take advantage of each other, and have become guarded with one another. All their thoughts and ideas are evil, and they have completely lost the likeness of proper human beings. These people can’t be changed by any laws or education. People have been corrupted by Satan to the extreme, a problem that they can’t resolve themselves. Without God’s retribution and punishment to control it, mankind would have turned the whole world upside down a long time ago. Before destroying corrupt mankind, God is performing His work of the last days to save some people who can be saved. These are the honest people among those who believe in God, or at the very least, people who truly obey God and don’t deceive God. Only such people can genuinely accept God’s judgment and chastisement, His pruning and dealing. Only they can obey God’s work and accept the various kinds of trials and refinement, and be completely at the mercy of God. No matter what God does or says, they are able to accept it and submit to it. Only by being an honest person can one have true faith in God. Only by being an honest person can one be made complete and gained by God and enter God’s kingdom in the end. This is completely reasonable and fully reflects God’s fairness and righteousness.

What is an honest person? God said: “Honesty means to give your heart to God; to never play Him false in anything; to be open with Him in all things, never cover the truth; to never do that which deceives those above and deludes those below; and to never do that which is done merely to ingratiate yourself with God. In short, to be honest is to refrain from impurity in your actions and words, and to deceive neither God nor man. What I speak is very simple but is doubly arduous to you.” God’s words on being an honest person are very clear. They may seem like just a few simple sentences, but they are extremely difficult to carry out in practice. It just shows how deeply mankind has been corrupted; they can’t even live out the likeness of proper human beings. If you don’t believe me, just try being an honest person and you’ll find out how deceitful corrupt mankind has become. Only by being an honest person can you simply and openly speak honestly, seek truth from facts in speaking and doing things, give your heart to God, and truly obey and worship God. Only such a person is someone who has truly repented. People who have experienced God’s work all know that God can’t be mocked and God’s disposition allows no offense. If you are not an honest person then you can’t be accepted by God, and moreover you can’t serve God. If you are not an honest person then you will only deceive and resist God, and even serving God would be too dangerous for you. If you don’t truly repent, you will eventually be eliminated. Therefore, how should one experience and enter into being an honest person? One who practices being an honest person must begin to enter it from four aspects. First, the primary aspect is entry through prayer; second, entry through speaking the truth and abandoning lies; third, entry by being able to be loyal to God in fulfilling one’s duty; fourth, entry through giving one’s heart to God. Those who are able to carry out these four aspects of entry and meet God’s demands are honest people. All four kinds of entry are important. Not one may be omitted. So long as they can keep going without quitting, whoever tries only needs two or three years’ effort before they will get good results. By achieving preliminary results, they can acquire some normal humanity and attain the semblance of a human. And after being perfected they will be thoroughly honest people. At that time they will have acquired completely normal humanity, be able to worship God sincerely, able to obey God, have reverence for God, and will no longer be deluded and corrupted by Satan. Aren’t these perfected people?

Being an honest person primarily requires entering the following four aspects:

First, you must be an honest person in prayer. This is the door to entry. It is easier to be an honest person in your exchanges with God, because people who truly believe in God all have some fear of God in their hearts and feel some constraint, so it is easier to speak the truth. So if you can achieve a breakthrough in your prayers, it is easier to gain entry effectively. Everyone knows that corrupt mankind lies too much, to the extent that in every sentence spoken is watered down, so it cannot be denied that their prayers and exchanges with God are also full of lies and deceit. For instance, people often talk a good game when praying but don’t practice it in real life—this is seriously deceiving God. When people pray, they often say they’re devoting themselves to God, but they are actually still doing whatever they please and acting as their own master—this is seriously deceiving God. When people pray, they often say they are corrupt, that they disobey and resist God, and that they belong to Satan, but when the time comes they refuse to admit it no matter what—this is seriously deceiving God. When people pray, they are full of praise and song toward God, but when trials befall them, they are full of complaints and even deny, judge, and blaspheme God—this is seriously deceiving God. When people pray, they say whatever sounds good for the sake of achieving their purpose, but in practice they only think of themselves and don’t have God in their hearts—this is seriously deceiving God. In short, when people pray, they are full of lies and deceitful intentions. You could say all people are experts and habitual offenders at lying to God; they are all authentic conmen. Based on mankind’s various deceitful ways before God, let me ask you: Does mankind have any sincerity toward God at all? Are there still honest people in the human world? Does any member of mankind still have the conscience and reason of a normal person? If a person can still be so deceitful and lie toward God, will they be able to be honest and genuine toward other people? Whether or not a person can sincerely pray to God is very revealing. Deceitful people don’t have the work of the Holy Spirit because they don’t sincerely pray to God. Too many prayers to God are cunning and deceitful! Accordingly, being an honest person starts from being an honest person in prayer. This is most apt. So how should one practice this? First, pray to God and promise: “Oh God, I have been very deeply corrupted by Satan and have become someone who often lies, just like demons. Even when I pray to You, I often lie to deceive You. I swear to You today that if I use lies to deceive You again, I shall subject myself to Your severe discipline and punishment. I am willing to accept any punishment. I am determined to become a new person and an honest person who conforms with Your intentions, someone who can truly obey You and worship You!” After making this oath to God, start practicing and training yourself to speak the truth and what’s in your heart when you pray to God. Pray to God based completely on the needs of your heart and pray whenever you feel you should. The prayer needs to come spontaneously from the heart and be what the heart needs. Only pray at these times. The prayer should reflect whatever you are feeling in your heart and ask for whatever needs you have in your heart. This is the natural way of praying, as real and practical as daily life, without any fakeness or pretensions. It comes completely from the regular eating and drinking of God’s words. As such prayers contain the person’s needs, they can naturally pray to God with honesty and say whatever is on their mind. All they have to do is simply open up to God and tell God everything that is in their heart. If you don’t have anything to say, then don’t make things up or just put some words together. Praying to God is not writing an essay—God doesn’t care that prayers are long or short, only that they are honest and they come from the heart. When God listens to people’s prayers, He only cares about whether or not the prayers are genuine, without falsities and impurities. God most despises fake, phony, and deceitful prayers from people. Any prayers that don’t come from the heart are all regarded as lies and falsehoods intended to deceive God. Anyone who is perfunctory or tries to deceive God in prayer is a deceitful person.

In front of God anybody might have the audacity to blow their own trumpet and try to shamelessly deceive God. This shows that people do not know God; it is as though they are dealing with a nonexistent God. How could such people be categorized as God’s people? Only Satan and demons dare to brazenly deceive God before Him. Therefore, all those who employ falsehoods and lies to deceive God during prayer are not honest people. They have completely lost the conscience and reason of a normal person. What people display in prayer is precisely the expression of the devil Satan, but they aren’t aware of this at all and even think they are quite godly, that they completely live before God and would not possibly deceive God. Evidently, mankind’s deception of God has become its natural habit and part of its nature. When people’s prayers to God are dissected, they all realize how pathetic they look. Otherwise, everyone will think they are quite good and won’t feel any shame. Most prayers of corrupt mankind are in the nature of deceiving God. I will now analyze the various kinds of prayers below: One type of prayer is when people encounter problems and need to ask God for something. They need God and have no choice but to ask God, so they pray to God to make a wish and devote themselves to Him and say a bunch of words of praise. Afterward, it’s like it never happened. Isn’t such “devotion” flagrantly deceiving God? Another type of prayer is when people don’t get to the point, or try to hide their true selves and make themselves look more than they are. It’s as though they are seeking God’s blessings for conforming with God’s intentions in everything they do. This kind of prayer is merely self-admiration, and is an attempt to swindle blessings from God. An additional type of prayer is when a person has been irresponsible in fulfilling their duty and is dealt with, so they pour out their grievances to God. They do their utmost to make excuses, they pretend, and they push the responsibility onto others. It’s like they were not at fault at all; they’re totally just explaining themselves to God, arguing their way out but still resisting Him. A further type of prayer is when someone always justifies themselves and shows off themselves in prayer and tells God all of their suffering and the work that they do for God’s house. It’s as though they feel they are deserving of huge merit and are asking God to remember them. Such prayers are like trying to record merit points for themselves; they’re afraid God will forget and they’ll lose God’s blessing. There is one more type of prayer, which is when a person usually doesn’t practice the truth and doesn’t seek God’s intentions when things happen to them. They don’t have any obedience toward God at all, and yet they always give empty words of praise to God and say meaningless things in their prayers. These prayers are totally hypocritical and are attempts to deceive God. Prayers that fall into these various categories completely expose mankind’s cunning and deceit. They are all prayers that, without a doubt, try to deceive, fool, and resist God. They simply don’t treat Him as God. A person’s cunning and deceitful nature can be seen from their prayers. Whether a person is a deceitful person or an honest person can be determined through their prayers to God. An honest person’s prayers completely conform with normal reason. Their words are honest and without pretension; what they say is sincere and true, and completely conforms with facts and reality. The prayers of honest people are considerate to God’s intentions and are obedient to God, and so are certainly accepted by God. The prayers of deceitful people, on the other hand, all try to fool and deceive God, resist and disobey God, and seek to engage in transactions with God. Therefore, no matter how they pray, the prayers of deceitful people are despised by God and will never be accepted by Him. Being an honest person must start with prayers—they are the door to being an honest person. Only by being an honest person before God can you conform with God’s intentions. If you are not an honest person before God and when praying to God, then you cannot possibly become a truly honest person. That is why starting with being an honest person in prayer is very important.

Second, being an honest person requires entry into the practice of speaking the truth and abandoning lying. This is the most basic daily practice. Everyone has to speak in everyday life, and it’s not easy for a person to guarantee that not even one lie will come out of their mouth. Those who are practicing to be honest people all know that corrupt people tell lies all day and every day, and that abandoning lying is a very difficult thing to do indeed. What is most incredible is that people lie not because they have no alternative. They do it unconsciously and involuntarily, and, in serious cases, they lie in every situation and about everything. It gets to the frightening extent that they lie whenever they open their mouths. This shows that the extent to which mankind has been corrupted by Satan is unfathomable, as no one really believes that they lie this much. Everyone thinks they are very honest and rarely lie; even if they do lie, it’s in situations where they have no choice, and they will be able to resolve their tendency to lie with a bit of extra practice. That is why no one pays attention to this problem: They think: “Not a problem.” So presently, when a person starts to practice being an honest person as God has specifically requested of mankind, they suddenly notice the seriousness of the problem. They feel shocked: “I never realized just how much people lie! Mankind really is very deceitful after all! It seems being an honest person really is a lesson of truth that I ought to enter.” Don’t you think you are very honest too? After you practice speaking the truth and abandoning lying for a while, you will discover what a deceitful person is. What a deceitful person says is never based on facts but on their own intentions and purposes. They will say whatever is advantageous to them and helps them achieve their goals. What they say is all for the sake of their own esteem, their own interests, and their own purposes. Given such evil and selfish principles, how could there not be a lot of lies and deceit in them? Now how should we settle the problem of lying? We must pay strict attention to what we say, and begin from practicing speech based on fact. We must be strict and serious about it, and deliver each sentence based on fact. We absolutely cannot go against our conscience; conscience must play a role. We begin by closely examining every sentence we speak. Diluting the truth even a little isn’t allowed; to speak incorrectly isn’t allowed; to speak inaccurately isn’t allowed, and if what you say is wrong you must go back and rephrase it. If you discover a problem you must say so as soon as possible: “What I said just now wasn’t right, and I want to make up for that and reword it now, so you should take what I am saying now as right and dismiss what I said before.” This is how seriously you must treat what you say, and you should begin learning how to speak all over again; not being strict with yourself when you speak is absolutely not allowed. When you begin to practice this, you should pray to God: “Oh, God! Because Satan has corrupted me so deeply I have turned into someone who lies all the time. I deserve to be damned, but You still save me, letting me repent and change so that I can become a new person. Today I give You my oath that I swear on my life to be an honest person, to become a person who tells the truth without any falsehoods. If I don’t make enough effort, may You discipline me and punish me.” Then begin to practice telling the truth. This means you must tell the truth under whatever circumstances and be thoroughly able to speak based on facts, based on what you yourself grasp and what you know, and deal with every lie, words that are untrue, words that dilute the truth, words that are not accurate. You must treat seriously all words that do not fit the facts. It is best to acknowledge these openly, and you must revise what was said. It doesn’t matter if the words are right—they are honest as long as you feel that they are true words and not falsehoods. The question of whether the words are correct or incorrect is still something that involves knowledge of the truth and is a separate issue.

When practicing to be an honest person you still have to be smart when dealing with special circumstances (that is, when you are being tempted by Satan). This is not contradictory to being an honest person. In special circumstances using intelligent methods and speaking the truth are two different things. When speaking to a person who belongs to Satan, it is not dishonest to withhold the truth from them even though you could tell them. However, you must be clear whether what you say is consciously adopting intelligent methods or is unconsciously lying. This is the crucial point. You must separate the lies that stem from your nature from the conscious use of intelligent methods. You must not try to cover up an intentional lie by pretending it is an intelligent method, or else you are being deceitful again. Hence, it is not an easy thing to stop lying. When you practice telling the truth you should adopt the method of mutual supervision. During the very first days you should also record your own speech. Do an evaluation and see how much of what you say in one day is untrue talk, empty talk, talk that dilutes the truth, exaggerates, rambles, or is nonsense, and see what difference or distinction there is with what young children say by comparison. When you have seen completely clearly the true nature of what you say, you will understand how pathetic you are and you will not feel that you are superior. Corrupt mankind is only good at lying, prattling, and exaggerating, and can’t even speak truthfully, let alone honestly. And as for being able to talk about truths, they are not even in the ballpark. This is sufficient to prove that mankind is very deeply corrupted and lacking. If you look at all the things spoken by a person in a day, when you take out the lies and nonsense there is hardly anything completely true left, and even less that conforms with the truth and also holds weight. If one doesn’t practice being an honest person and also doesn’t equip themselves with the truth, then what is the value of them living? What real life is there to speak of? This shows that practicing being an honest person is extremely meaningful. It is the first step toward real life. Being able to not tell lies and speak truthfully is the first step to being an honest person. To be able to not tell lies mainly involves three aspects: First, pray to God without lying; second, converse with other people without lying; third, express views and deal with problems without lying. If you are able to not lie in these three situations then you are a person who speaks honestly. The mindset of being able to not tell lies cannot be achieved without two or three years of practice.

Third, you must not act perfunctorily to deceive God in fulfilling your duty. The main behaviors of corrupt mankind is often lying to deceive God, and acting perfunctorily to deceive God. One is words, the other is actions, but both stem from mankind’s corrupt nature. After your manner of speaking is up to standard, if you can then properly obey God, act in accordance with God’s words, and not have any perfunctoriness or deceit in you, then you will have become an honest person. There are also several ways of acting perfunctorily to deceive God: first, taking the easy way out by only going through the motions and not seeking results in fulfilling duties is acting perfunctorily and deceiving God; second, adopting simple and easy methods in fulfilling duties because of fear of suffering or facing danger, and thus not achieving results, is acting perfunctorily and deceiving God; third, with regard to problems relating to the truth or people being offended, not acting in accordance with principles, not seeking the truth to resolve the problems but instead just giving excuses to brush them off, is acting perfunctorily and deceiving God; fourth, not having a sense of responsibility or loyalty toward God in one’s heart in fulfilling duties, and only doing things for people and the above, is acting perfunctorily and deceiving God; fifth, not practicing the truth but instead betraying God’s words, and not acting in accordance with the requirements of the above in fulfilling duties, is acting perfunctorily and deceiving God. These are the five behaviors of acting perfunctorily toward God in fulfilling one’s duty. When you use these five behaviors to measure how a person fulfills their duty, you will be able to know whether or not they have been acting perfunctorily to deceive God in the fulfilling of their duty. Only an honest person doesn’t act perfunctorily in fulfilling their duty and allows God to be at peace. That is why honest people do not need to be pruned or dealt with in the fulfillment of their duty. Deceitful people are not mindful of God’s heart at all and moreover don’t satisfy God in the fulfillment of their duty—they always try to get something out of it and ignore the interests of God’s house in order to satisfy their own personal desires. It’s evident that deceitful people fulfill their duty only for themselves. All they consider is their own interests and they don’t think of the interests of God’s house whatsoever. That is why deceitful people always act perfunctorily to deceive God in fulfilling their duty, hence incurring God’s resentment. After a person has been corrupted by Satan, they will have a crooked and deceitful corrupt disposition no matter how sincere and kind they try to be, which is why they all have perfunctoriness and can deceive God in fulfilling their duty. This is an undeniable fact. However, one who seeks the truth can absolutely become an honest person. Those who don’t love the truth and instead love injustice are deceitful people who cannot be saved.

Nobody actually wants to act perfunctorily to deceive God in fulfilling their duty. Everyone wants to satisfy God in fulfilling their duty, but they can’t help themselves and unconsciously end up doing perfunctory things to deceive God. This demonstrates that cunning and deceit have become mankind’s nature. To start not acting perfunctorily and satisfying God requires people to seek the truth and accept being judged, chastised, pruned and dealt with by God. Only then can they more deeply understand the essence of their own crooked, cunning, and deceitful nature. Only by getting to the bottom of the question of why mankind deceives God can one understand the terrifying extent of mankind’s corruption. If a person deceives their own parents, they won’t think it’s a very serious problem. But if a person often deceives God and acts perfunctorily toward God, then that is a very scary problem and must be resolved through seeking the truth to achieve dispositional change. Can a person be sincere toward other people if they can’t even be sincere toward God? If they dare to deceive God, how could they possibly not deceive others? This is sufficient to show that mankind has been corrupted to a frightening level! If mankind can regularly deceive God, how could they truly submit themselves to God? How could they possibly be loyal to God? Mankind’s deception of God proves it has become God’s enemy and that it sees God as something to be opposed. People who deceive God surely don’t have fear of God in their hearts. People who deceive God are of course also God’s enemies. That’s the terrifying truth. If God didn’t love and save mankind, mankind would have been destroyed a long time ago.

Now that God is working to save mankind, you must be an honest person, or you will not be saved. If you want to measure up in fulfilling your duty—and not just go through the motions and deceive God—then you must settle the issue of being an honest person. While fulfilling your duty you must accept pruning and dealing, you must accept the observation of the Holy Spirit, and you must do these things strictly according to God’s demands. If you discover that you are perfunctory, pray to God. If you discover yourself trying to deceive God, you must acknowledge this transgression. You cannot cover this up, you cannot pretend, still less distort the facts to shift blame onto others. You need to be this serious about the things you do, and treat your every word and action in earnest. Make your words fit the reality, seek truth from facts, and do not lard your words with make-believe. If you discover a transgression, besides praying to God, you must also openly admit it to others. Do not shrink back out of concern for your own reputation. You should boldly face the facts. Practice such as this is meaningful, and it is guaranteed to be beneficial to you. First, it can increase your confidence in being an honest person. Second, it can teach you to be unafraid of humiliation, and give up your vanity and self-regard. Third, it can give you courage to face facts and to respect facts. Fourth, it can develop in you the will to be serious with the things you do. After practicing this way for a time people will be far more honest in fulfilling their duty, more realistic in doing things, and less phony. In less than a few years they will become honest people who take what they do sincerely and seriously and are responsible when handling affairs. Such people are comparatively reliable in fulfilling their duty and doing their work. When the house of God makes use of such people, it can be guaranteed that nothing will go wrong.

Fourth, being an honest person requires truly giving your heart to God. This is the most crucial entry to successfully becoming an honest person. The fact that corrupt mankind schemes for their own benefit is determined entirely by their nature. They have not handed their heart over to God and let God be their Master. People believe in their hearts that they will be severely disadvantaged and will invite a lot of suffering if they give their heart to God. Therefore, people tread carefully for their own sake and serve their own interests because they feel they can only rely on themselves. They still think they treat themselves the best and that it’s best if they are in control of themselves. As a result, they believe in God for many years but don’t achieve any results. The facts demonstrate that no one can walk on the right track of believing in God by themselves. No one can rely on themselves to shed their corruption and serve God to His liking. We often see that people who rely only on themselves will deviate from the right path, be led astray, and even end up on a path of no return. This shows that people who rely on themselves can only fail. Haven’t those wildly arrogant and terribly egotistical people all failed? Can anyone be saved by God without relying on God? Just what does giving your heart to God mean? First, you must recognize that your corruption is extremely deep. You don’t possess the truth and are not able to control yourself, let alone defeat Satan or break free from sin. If you rely on yourself, you will only deviate from the true way, betray the true God, and be led astray. How can a person practice the truth if they don’t possess the truth? How can a person walk on the right path if there is no path? How can a person have the semblance of a proper human being without having God’s words to give them life? Therefore, if one wants to walk on the bright path of life, they must give their heart to God, accept God’s guidance and His work, thoroughly forsake Satan, forsake themselves, choose God’s intentions and His requirements, and obey God’s words and the arrangements of God’s house. Only then can they walk on the right track to believing in God, and be saved and perfected by Him. This is the meaning of giving one’s heart to God.

There are several methods of practice to achieve giving your heart to God: First, you must swear to devote yourself to God. If you believe in God, you should let God be your Master and submit to God’s orchestration and arrangements. No matter if you live or die, give your all to God, expend all of your efforts for God in body and mind, obey all arrangements of God’s house, and do whatever God says. Never be your own Master again, and completely and thoroughly submit yourself to God. Second, giving your heart to God is not just merely handing control of your duties and things that serve God over to God. Things like your future path, goals you should seek, marriage and family decisions, as well as your lifestyle, also all need to be controlled by God. In other words, you must hand over all major life decisions to God. Even if you have God’s permission, you need to choose in accordance with God’s intentions and requirements, and must not follow world trends or your own desires. Instead, satisfying God and conforming with God’s intentions must be your priority. Third, giving your heart to God means seeking God’s intentions in all things and doing everything in accordance with God’s words. This is the only principle of practice. Only by doing so are you giving God complete control and letting God be your Master. That is to say, you must handle all things in accordance with the truth; you have to handle all things, whether big or small, based on God’s words. Only the word of God is the truth and can give people life. Only by practicing in accordance with God’s words in everything you do can you receive the work of the Holy Spirit and be saved and perfected by God. If you can practice and enter based on the above three principles then you have given your heart to God, and only giving your heart to God is true and complete devotion. It is also the only path to being saved and perfected by God. It is the most fundamental method of practice to believing in God and is also the path to gaining the work of the Holy Spirit.

A person can only have true confidence in giving their heart to God if they understand God’s work and the path to perfection. All those who can completely devote themselves to God must hand their heart over to God. This fully represents their sincerity and faith. All those who seek being perfected must give their heart to God and completely devote themselves to God. This was Peter’s path to becoming a believer in God. If you can’t truly give your heart to God, you absolutely will not be perfected. Only those who genuinely give their heart to God are honest people. Only those who accept God’s inspection are honest people. Only those who seek to be obedient to God in all things are honest people. Only those who are willing to practice the truth in all things are honest people. Those who can’t give their heart to God are surely the most deceitful of people. Anyone who doesn’t dare to accept God’s inspection or seek God’s intentions in all things is not an honest person. Only an honest person is willing to devote themselves to God and give their heart to God. Being an honest person is looked upon by others as foolish, insane, and seemingly too extreme, which is why deceitful people are unable to practice it. Deceitful people think they are very clever, but they are actually very stupid. Honest people are regarded by others as fools, but they are actually the most intelligent of people. Those who give their heart to God are all the wisest of people, and great wisdom often looks foolish. Deceitful people think they are wise, but instead they are only fooling themselves and tripping themselves over. When God’s work ends, all deceitful people will be eliminated and will perish in the various disasters, while all honest people will be saved and perfected by God and will be full of peace and joy. So just who is smart and who is stupid? Human philosophies are not the truth. The omniscient and omnipotent God decides everything—this is a point that people who belong to Satan will never understand. Only those who genuinely give their heart to God are honest and truly intelligent people. Honest people who give their heart to God are precisely the kind of people He blesses. And those who receive God’s blessings are smart people, the most intelligent of people.

Deceitful people only say that they will devote and submit themselves to God, but when things happen they still follow their flesh and act as their own Master rather than choose the path that conforms with God’s intentions. In the end, they all ruin their lives and hurt themselves. Some people fail in their marriage because they haven’t given their heart to God. Some people fail in their career because they haven’t given their heart to God. Some people choose the path Paul took in believing in God or follow antichrists—this is also because they haven’t given their heart to God. Some people seek status or hunger after money, while others pursue worldly things such as careers—all of them have embarked on a road of no return. These people all fail because they have not given their heart to God. They are unable to make God their Master or give their heart to God because they are too arrogant and have too much faith in themselves, ruining their lives as a result. People who believe in God but can’t give their heart to God always toil and rush about, suffering setbacks and failures at every turn, and in the end, they all bring ruin on themselves and failure is their only fate. When things happen to people who have given their heart to God, they will constrain themselves by thinking like this: “I am someone who devotes myself to God, so I should act in accordance with God’s requirements. I have given my heart to God, so I should give even greater priority to satisfying God.” A person who can practice in this way will be blessed. Only people who can give their heart to God are people who have true faith in God and truly believe in and rely on God. What a person seeks and chooses represents their faith. If they don’t have true faith in God, then they can’t possibly seek the truth. Only crooked and deceitful people will betray God at key moments and walk their own path. They always leave themselves a way out, but in the end, they will be eliminated by God. Giving your whole heart to God is the only true faith. All those who follow God with sincerity are honest people who seek the truth, and they will surely be saved by God and receive God’s blessing.

Outlined above are the four methods of practice to being an honest person, which is also the entry path to practicing being an honest person. First, you must be an honest person in prayer. Second, you must tell the truth and abandon lies in everyday life. Third, you must resolve your perfunctoriness and deceit when fulfilling your duty. Fourth, you must give your heart to God. These are the four main methods of practice to being an honest person. If you can gain entry on these four principles then you can become an honest person. An honest person can definitely: 1. Give their heart to God; 2. Not cheat God in anything they do; 3. Be open to God in all things and not hide the truth; 4. Not be a person who deceives those below them and hoodwinks those above them; 5. Not just do things to ingratiate themselves to God; 6. Not be untruthful in their actions and words; 7. Not deceive God or other people. These are the seven standards used to measure whether someone is an honest person. Whether one is an honest person or not can be determined by measuring them with these seven standards. If one can’t gain entry on the four methods of practice to being an honest person, then they can’t be an honest person and shall be categorized as a deceitful person. The principles by which a deceitful person does things are based on Satan’s philosophies of life, and such a person never admits the truth exists. In the eyes of a deceitful person, practicing God’s words is a bad deal and generally not in their interests. They always put their own interests first and above all else, and in the end, they lose out on precisely all the best things outside of their material interests—the truth, the way, and the life that God bestows upon mankind. What Christ brings is the truth, the way, and the life most needed by mankind. Mankind has been corrupted by Satan up until now and has completely lost the value and meaning of life. Mankind does not have peace and happiness, resulting in so many people hating the world and thinking that life is too exhausting. They can’t wait to die an early death so they can go to another world. There is just no way out for them because mankind does not possess the truth and has been corrupted by Satan. If mankind gains the truth and everyone worships God and lives in accordance with God’s words, they will then have stepped onto the bright path of life. The world will then be full of peace and happiness, and mankind will be able to enjoy God’s blessings. Only then will mankind have joy and happiness. Now is the time of God’s salvation of mankind. Mankind’s corruption is extremely deep, and so it must endure a lot of suffering in order to be cleansed, so all people should face reality. It is practical to seek to be saved and perfected by God. Only by being an honest person and living in God’s words will you have peace and happiness in your heart. If a person is truly saved and perfected, they will begin enjoying God’s blessings. The suffering that ought to be endured by believers has not yet finished; mankind’s corrupt disposition has not changed and it is not yet the time to enjoy God’s blessings. If one can truly become an honest person, they will have spiritual enjoyment or will at least be able to enjoy the work and presence of the Holy Spirit. Just this peace and happiness is sufficient, and makes them much more blessed than worldly people. Can you see this? If you are an honest person, you will have hope and you will have God’s blessings. A believer who can’t be an honest person will not have a bright future and is destined to be a failure.

Of course, being an honest person is a process, and each believer must rely on seeking the truth to gain the work of the Holy Spirit in order to genuinely succeed. What a person can accomplish by themselves is limited. For instance, a person may normally be able to not lie about small things, but when it comes to big things, especially when they involve their own vital interests, they can’t help but lie. Or if something affects their future they have even less control of themselves and are capable of all sorts of deceit. This is also a life stature problem. Not having the truth and not having change in life disposition won’t work. That is why being an honest person can’t be separated from seeking the truth and dispositional change. Being an honest person does not depend only on effort and practice but more on seeking the truth to achieve dispositional change. Only then can a person eventually become an honest person. Don’t think that you are an honest person just because you can tell the truth about small things in life, you can communicate purely and openly with brothers and sisters, and you can say what’s in your heart and rarely lie or deceive God when you pray. These are actually just the initial results, though they are also worth celebrating. Achieving these results in being an honest person means you have just reached normal human being standard, but inside of you there are actually still some defects and hidden deception remaining. However, this is a gratifying step toward being an honest person, and if you continue to work hard you will surely be able to become a completely honest person. The four methods to practice being an honest person are very important. If a person can strictly practice and enter with these four methods, they will certainly achieve great gains. Initial results will be seen after just two or three years of practice. By that time, the person will have more confidence and see that they have significantly changed, truly repented, and can be completely saved by God. Isn’t this great happiness? When you have enjoyed God’s blessings, you will feel that there is joy in life and you will know what it means to truly live. Be an honest person and you will be able to embark on the bright path of life.

April 5, 2006

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