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11. You Must Understand that Human Nature Is Betrayal

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11. You Must Understand that Human Nature Is Betrayal

God said, “The reason Satan was cast down by Me into the air is because it betrayed Me, so how could humans extricate themselves from the repercussions of this? This is the reason that human nature is betrayal.” God’s words hit the nail on the head. They directly point out the reason why human nature is betrayal. This indeed is a fact that cannot be disputed. The reason why Satan has been cast down into air is based on betrayal. This case does not only touch upon a portion of the angels that have been deceived by Satan but it also touches upon mankind that has been coerced and corrupted by Satan. After mankind was corrupted by Satan, they completely belonged to Satan and became Satan’s accomplices and tools. They involuntarily became Satan’s playthings and were controlled at its will. Thus their nature completely changed into Satan’s nature, that is, a nature of betrayal. Mankind’s true face is completely the same as Satan’s. Satan wants to rise to the highest place and control everything. Mankind also wants to rise to the third heaven and wield power together with God. Satan wants to break free from God’s control so that it could do as it pleases. Man also wants to put God to one side so that he can be in complete control of himself. Satan wants to create its own heaven and earth and man wants to create his own playground. Satan hates God and it has been itching to topple God. Mankind also particularly hates God and nails God incarnate to the cross two times. Satan’s ambition is great but man’s is even greater. How is man unlike Satan? He is even worse than Satan. Man is too cruel! Man would simply execute God, and he would not give God an escape route. The nature of Satan is betrayal. Everything it does is betrayal. Mankind, whom Satan has coerced and corrupted, also rejects, abandons and resists God. All the different kinds of evil spirits that follow Satan impersonate angels of light and assume God’s name in order to deceive and corrupt man. The objective that they wish to achieve is that they must not allow mankind to worship the true Creator God. They only allow man to worship them. Mankind has been corrupted by Satan and all kinds of evil spirits for six thousand years. This has caused mankind to resist, contradict and betray God. Aside from the people who worship Satan and demons, there is the atheism that rules over the world and significantly obstructs each stage of God’s work. Mankind has been deeply corrupted by Satan and has become the embodiment of Satan. Man’s nature is naturally also one of betrayal. All of mankind’s conducts and deeds also betray God.

We must also understand clearly what betrayal means. God’s words explain this quite clearly, “In short, betrayal is a form of behavior in which one breaks a promise, violates moral principles, or goes against human ethics, and which demonstrates a loss of humanity.” “Betrayal is not just a form of immoral behavior on the surface, but it is something that conflicts with the truth. This kind of thing is precisely the source of mankind’s resistance and disobedience toward Me. This is why I have summarized it in the following statement: Betrayal is man’s nature. This nature is the natural enemy of each person being compatible with Me.” The origin of the traitorous behaviors of resisting and contradicting God is due to the fact that man has a nature of betrayal. Since man has betrayed God and follows Satan, he is able to resist and contradict God and violate the truth. We have experienced the work of the incarnate God and we have seen with our own eyes the challenges involved with God conquering this band of people who have a nature of betrayal. God has endured significant humiliation because of us, and God’s flesh has experienced every kind of pain. Then we see clearly that our nature and everything we do is betraying Him. In the past we have been corrupted by Satan to the point that we are arrogant, conceited, proud of ourselves and condescending. Our hearts have no place for God and we have lost the sense and conscience of a normal human being. In what ways do we have the likeness of a human being? We have completely become the embodiment of Satan. We always have opinions about God’s work and words. We disapprove of this and we object to that. We always feel that we are good. Even though we discover that we in fact are wrong, we find a reason to defend ourselves or give a pretense. When we fulfill our duties, we believe that we are devoted to God but we frequently just go through the motions and deceive God. We become arrogant when we have done a bit of work for God. We use our status to lecture people. We blindly cling to the blessings of status and get the best of everything. We never have any awareness of ourselves. We speak loudly and arrogantly and believe that if we have the truth, we can go wherever we want. We serve God, yet at the same time, we lift ourselves up and embellish ourselves. We also desire for other people to follow and obey us. We have occupied God’s position playing the role of an antichrist. It can be said that everyone who has been corrupted by Satan is like this. They all walk this path. Not one of them is an exception. Don’t these people have a nature of betrayal? Isn’t this Satan’s nature? God has given a very precise definition to man’s nature. The nature of man is betrayal. This fact has been proven beyond a doubt.

With a nature that betrays God, man will naturally always use his notions to weigh God. Moreover, it is easy for him to have notions about what God does. Unconsciously, he starts to contradict and resist God. If man has a nature that betrays God, he will very naturally abandon God in all sorts of environments and seek his own path. He will betray God, sell God out and stray from God. With a nature of betrayal, man will very naturally think about his own gain in all situations and he will not think about how to be considerate of God’s intentions. A man’s conducts and deeds can completely verify that he has no place for God inside his heart. If man is given a few choices to make, he would not even keep the last spot for God. What does this indicate? This indicates that man betrays God and that it is very difficult for him to put the truth into practice and satisfy God even once. Even though man returns before God today, is sanctified, gains God’s protection and breaks away from Satan’s influence, since his nature is one that betrays God, all his conducts and deeds are still full of betrayal. His blood and bones are still full of Satan’s venom of betrayal. Truly, it is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one’s nature. When man has the Holy Spirit’s work, even though he has the heart to seek an understanding of the truth and is willing to spend for God, man has too many impurities. He contradicts and resists too much. He does too many evil and selfish things. He does not put the truth into action much. His love for God and his consideration for God’s intentions are lacking. He does not defend the work of God’s family and he does not obey God. What does this indicate? It indicates that man’s nature is betrayal. It’s no wonder that inside man’s heart, he says that it is very hard to love God and to be a human being. Betraying the nature of the flesh is of course the hardest thing to do. In order to seek a change in one’s disposition, it is compulsory to seek an understanding of the substance of man’s nature of betrayal. When God revealed the substance of man’s nature, He said: “Man’s nature is completely different to My essence; this is because man’s corrupt nature entirely originates from Satan and man’s nature has been processed and corrupted by Satan. That is, man survives under the influence of its evil and ugliness. Man does not grow up in a world of truth or a holy environment, and moreover does not live in the light. Therefore, it is not possible for the truth to be innately possessed within each person’s nature, and moreover they cannot be born with a God-fearing, God-obeying essence. On the contrary, they are possessed of a nature that resists God, disobeys God, and has no love for the truth. This nature is the problem I want to talk about—betrayal.” This is the essence that each of us must understand when it comes to our nature. Since man exists under Satan’s ugly and evil influence and has grown up in the corruption of Satan, Satan’s nature has deeply rooted itself in man’s flesh a long time ago. It is not easy to break free from it. Once man has experienced God’s work of conquering, this point is even clearer: It is very easy for man to betray God. When man resists and contradicts God, it is something that is done unconsciously. Man is involuntarily betraying God because man’s nature is one of betrayal. Nobody can break free from it. If God did not come to do His work, there is no way that man can save himself. After man has been corrupted by Satan, he has a nature that resists God, disobeys God and does not love the truth. If man has this kind of nature, he is someone that betrays God. From the deeds and conducts of man, we cannot see an essence of revering and obeying God. Quite the opposite in fact, what we can see is a nature that resists and contradicts God and does not love the truth. Everybody should thoroughly examine themselves and see whether their own conduct and deeds resist and contradict God, and whether there is the truth within it. Then they will see clearly man’s corrupt nature. Let me give two examples. Both of them are small matters that are very common and they are sufficient in explaining the problem. There was a leader who would often say when fellowshiping with other people, “After so and so did that thing, I had a bad impression of him. So and so gave me a bad impression.” He likes to talk about his impressions of other people. Is there the truth within this? Could it be that his impression is that important? Can his impression take the place of God’s disposition? Regardless if his impression is correct or not, the worker who said these things has no sense. It indicates that his nature is arrogant, full of pride and full of self-righteousness. Doesn’t this reveal a nature that resists God, contradicts God and does not love the truth? There are also some leaders who frequently said when they do work, “Do this for me. Do that for me. Do good work for me, otherwise I have the right to deal with you.” These words reveal a disposition that is arrogant and prideful. Even though these are small matters at ordinary times, it indeed reveals a nature that resists and contradicts God and does not love the truth. I just chose two small common occurrences to analyze that people do not normally pay attention to. As for people judging God secretively and contradicting God, these matters are too obvious and do not need to be analyzed. Anybody can distinguish them. Regardless if you are a leader or a normal believer, you should frequently reflect upon and dissect yourself. Only then will you be able to have a deeper understanding of what your nature is like. Only by seeking in this manner will you be able to achieve a change in your disposition and become compatible with God. It can be said that nobody quite understands their own nature. They basically do not see it clearly. Otherwise, they would not do so many unreasonable things that cause God to despise them, feel disgusted and become unwilling to associate with them.

At the same time that we pursue the truth in order to attain God’s salvation, we should remember God’s words well: “All souls corrupted by Satan are under the control of Satan’s domain. Only those who believe in Christ have been separated out, saved from Satan’s camp, and brought into today’s kingdom. These people no longer live under Satan’s influence. Even so, man’s nature is still rooted in man’s flesh. That is to say that even though your souls have been saved, your nature is still of its old appearance and the chance that you will betray Me remains at one hundred percent. That is why My work is so long-lasting, because your nature is too unshakable. Now you are all suffering as much as you can in fulfilling your duties, but an undeniable fact is this: Each of you is capable of betraying Me and returning to Satan’s domain, to its camp, and going back to your old lives. At that time it won’t be possible for you to have a shred of humanity or appearance of a human being as you do now. In serious cases, you will be destroyed and furthermore be doomed eternally, never to be incarnated again but severely punished. This is the problem laid before you.” Presently, our faith and our pursuit face a great challenge. For each and every person, understanding our own nature of betrayal is of utmost importance. This is the deepest matter when it comes to understanding ourselves. Moreover, it is something that we must have in order to pursue a change in our disposition. We must also understand how to resolve the realistic problem, the very dangerous state we are facing, in order to satisfy God’s final demands. This is a matter of vital importance that demands immediate attention. This is the final time to God’s salvation work. Whether or not our faith in God can succeed depends crucially on whether we can satisfy God’s final requirements.

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