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I Deeply Felt the Preciousness of God’s Word


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I Deeply Felt the Preciousness of God’s Word

God says: “God controls people with his word. If you eat and drink God’s word, you will feel good. If you do not eat and drink God’s word, you will have no way to go on. God’s word becomes man’s food and becomes man’s strength. In the past, God said in the Bible, ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ Today, God will accomplish this work. He will accomplish this fact in you. …” Previously, I knew only in doctrine that man cannot leave God’s word, but in my real life I had not truly experienced that God’s word is as important as my three daily meals. So, at ordinary times I never paid attention to eating and drinking God’s word.

Once, God’s family assigned me to cooperate in preaching the gospel. At that time, full of joy and drive, I put all my energy into the work. All day I only thought about how to cooperate well in the task so that the gospel friends could return before God soon, but I put the word of God aside. I thought that it made no difference whether I read God’s word, so I rarely read it even if I had time. A period of time passed; somehow I always felt empty within and my mind was a complete blank. Formerly, I had ways in analyzing the clues or arranging the tasks. But now I had difficulty and did not know how to cooperate, and I felt very tired. I thought, “Maybe it’s because I’ve worried too much about the task in these several days and have overworked myself. After the task is over, I’ll go back to have a good rest, and then I’ll be all right.” I managed to hold out until the task was finished, but I had been completely exhausted, as if I was seriously ill.

As soon as I returned home, I threw myself onto the bed without washing up. I lay there but could not get to sleep. I was puzzled: I feel very tired, don’t I? How come I cannot fall asleep now? And I feel very distressed. Ay! In this period, I’ve not eaten and drunk God’s word. I may as well read it now. So, I sat up and opened the book of God’s word. I came to these words: “But if when you do not eat and drink God’s word for one or two days, you do not feel anything, not feeling thirsty or having any moving, it shows that the Holy Spirit has deserted you. Then your state within is not right. … In the past, people could eat and work all the same without reading God’s word for several days, but why can’t they now? In this age, God controls everything mainly with his word. People are judged and perfected through God’s word, and in the end they will be brought into the kingdom by God’s word.” “All those who pay no attention to God’s word and always take a different attitude toward God’s word, foolishly thinking that it makes no difference whether they read it or not, are the ones who have no reality. No working of the Holy Spirit can be seen in them, and no inspiration of the Holy Spirit can be seen in them. Such people are the ones who freeload and are Mr. Nanguo who was in an ensemble just to make up the number.” “They are nourished after reading it, and they cannot live without reading it. This is like people eating opium. They have strength after eating it. They are desperate for it and do not have any strength if they do not eat it. …

Reading here, I suddenly woke up. I understood that I felt weary and sleepy in this period not because I worried too much about the task but because I did not eat and drink God’s word and did not have a normal spiritual living and thus lost the working of the Holy Spirit.

What God does today is the work of the word. However, I put God’s word aside and did the work by my zeal and enthusiasm, and I even thought that it did not matter whether I read God’s word. Didn’t I become one who muddled along in God’s family? How then could I receive inspiration from God? I only paid attention to the outward expending and zeal, but never paid attention to the inward transformation in life; I did not know my corruption and disobedience in God’s word, find the ways I should enter into, and pursue to have my nature transformed. In this way, even if I follow to the end, I will still be a natural person and be one rejected by God.

Only then did I deeply feel the preciousness of God’s word. So, I redoubled my efforts to eat and drink God’s word. Gradually, my state recovered and I felt relieved and pleased in my heart.

Through this matter, I have seen the power of God’s word and deeply experienced that God controls everything with his word. Apart from God’s word, man will fall into darkness; God’s word is the pillar of man’s life, and God’s word is the bread of life. O God, in future, I will eat and drink your word in any circumstances and make your word the foundation of my existence.

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