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I Did Not Treat God as God


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I Did Not Treat God as God

When I got a copy of Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers and saw in the brackets on the contents page these words, “Compiled from the recordings without being checked by God,” I immediately had a notion inside: Why didn’t they take it to God and ask him to check whether there were mistakes in it before it was printed and distributed? If God had some slips of the tongue in his fellowship, won’t we be misled? So, every time I read God’s fellowship, I read with caution. Although I found that the words in it were good and were what I needed, I always felt that there was a fly in the ointment—without being checked by God. Thus, I always had misgivings and felt insecure in my heart.

One day in this April, in The Manual of the Principles for the Church Work, I read these words: “Those who are arrogant, conceited, self-important, and self-right always regard themselves right and are unwilling to drop their notions and thoughts. In their eyes, God cannot be always right, and God may also make mistakes. This shows that they are the most foolish people.” There I suddenly thought of my notion about “without being checked by God” in Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers, and of my disgusting manner when reading God’s words with caution and misgivings. Then I realized that my nature was really too arrogant, conceited, self-important, and self-right. I am a created being less than a maggot, but I always thought that God could not be always right and that he might also make mistakes. And I even demanded that God should have checked his words before they were distributed, so that I could feel secure. In what position did I stand to treat God? Was I not so arrogant as to be devoid of humanity and sense?

Then, I thought of God’s words: “…that God’s flesh and God’s Spirit are one and that his flesh does not do anything wrong, much less does his Spirit do anything wrong.” “Both his humanity and his divinity obey the heavenly Father’s will. Christ’s substance is Spirit, that is, divinity, so his substance itself is God’s own substance. This substance will not frustrate his own work. He will not possibly do anything that demolishes his own work or say anything that goes against his own will. So, the incarnated God will by no means do any work that frustrates his own management. This is what all people should know.” God’s words made me realize that God’s incarnated flesh and God’s Spirit are one. Christ’s substance is divinity, and is completely obeying the heavenly Father’s will. No matter how he works or speaks, and even when he chats with people, what he expresses is God’s substance, and what he manifests is what God is and has. How could he possibly do anything that frustrates his own work? However, I always worried that God might have slips of the tongue and lead us astray. I was really foolish to the extreme! Doesn’t this reveal that I treated the Christ on earth not as God but as an ordinary person?

O Almighty God, thank you for the inspiration of your words. I have seen that my thought was sheer blasphemy against you. I believed in you but did not treat you as God. I was really loathsome to you. O God, I am willing to drop my notion. No matter how you work or speak, I will absolutely obey you with a fearful heart.

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