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I Experienced God’s Faithfulness


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I Experienced God’s Faithfulness

In 2001, God’s family arranged that we collect the cases of punishment for resisting the Almighty God in the sects and denominations. From the beginning I was full of resistance to this matter: On the one hand, I was afraid that it would retard the gospel work, which was urgent. On the other hand, to inquire about the cases we had to go to the sects and denominations, but the punished people had the worst humanity and resisted most severely, and their attitude toward us people of “the Eastern Lightning” was imaginable. It was by no means easy to contact them or their family members! Thus, because of my thoughts, I lived in the “difficult” situation. Hence, when I did this work, I was full of perfunctoriness and slipshodness. I did not seek the significance of collecting the “cases,” much less examine whether my doing so could meet God’s requirement. I only regarded this commission of God as a matter to handle, as a task to complete, and even more as an encumbrance to the gospel work to deal with. So, when the churches sent me the “cases,” I just reorganized them and then sent them away. I thought: I’ve finally fulfilled this duty.

But a few days later, the “cases” were returned. God’s family asked us to check them anew, and required that we should not listen to hearsay, should not use imagination, should not exaggerate, and should even less apply logic and reasoning, and that both the facts of the people’s punishment and the facts of their resistance must be accurate, and the ages, addresses, times, and even every detail must be true and accurate. Faced with God’s requirement, I had to obey. But after the check, I really found out many untrue “cases”; some of them were exaggerated, some were understated, some contained mistakes of age and sex, and so forth. In the presence of the facts, I felt a bit afraid. Then I reorganized the returned “cases” carefully. I thought that now they were satisfactory. But before long, they were returned again…. So the cases were handed in and returned seven or eight times. During the course, I had much incomprehension and disobedience. But in every verifying, I found out some untrue, inaccurate, or imagined “cases.” At last, I was completely convinced. I did see that we men did things with too much perfunctoriness, slipshodness, exaggeration, and too many false things…. However, God searched everything, and God never slackened his requirement of men until the cases were true and accurate. This is exactly an expression of God’s faithfulness. It is just as God says, “God has faithful substance, so what he says is always trustworthy, and what he does is even more beyond reproach and beyond doubt.

Though I encountered many difficulties in the course of doing this work, I experienced God’s substance of being faithful. Because God is faithful, he hoped that we could, like him, do things without exaggeration, in a matter-of-fact way, without deceitfulness, and without or perfunctoriness slipshodness. Thus, God exercised us through all people, matters, and things, so as to work his being into us. God’s doings were according to facts, without any impurity or exaggeration, without any falseness or deceitfulness, and without anything that satan could use against God. They were all real, and were touchable and convincing to me. Only, in the course of my cooperation, I was full of disobedience, resistance, and deceitfulness, and expressed too many things loathsome to God.

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