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I Experienced It Is Not Easy to “Follow to the End”


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I Experienced It Is Not Easy to “Follow to the End”

In the past, when I read this word of God “He who follows to the end will be saved,” I thought very confidently that I was one to be saved. I thought to myself: I dare not guarantee that I can meet the other requirements of God, but as to this one “follow to the end,” there is no question for me to make it. As long as I do not drop out at any time, won’t I make it? In my practical experience, however, I realized that it was not easy to follow to the end.

During this Spring Festival, when I saw that the surrounding circumstances were all peaceful and steady, questions involuntarily rose in my mind: We believe in God in this way; when will be the end? If my wife and I continue running like this, what will our family become like? Our child is growing up day by day and we all need money to spend…. For the time I sank into money and the flesh, very depressed in my heart. Just at that time, one of my relatives came to show us his “love”: “You can’t always keep away from earning money. Look at your neighbors; they are all busy making money. How come you two remain unworried and easy?” His words made me hang my head in silence. He took the opportunity and continued: “My younger brother wants you to go to the South to drive for him. Apart from supplying free food and drink, he will pay you a salary of 2000 yuan per month. You may give it some consideration.” My relative’s words swayed my heart. Seeing that others ate and dressed better than us, and thinking that our child suffered with us… I could not extricate myself. So, I decided to go earning money first. Right at the moment, I suddenly thought of this piece of God’s word “Practice (7).” Then I hastened to open the book and began to read: “In the tribulation, many people will not easily stand. Only those who know the way of life and those who have equipped themselves with the truth can continue progressing and become holy. For you to undergo the tribulation is not an easy thing. You think that you can come out of it in two or three days. You think too simply! In your opinion, now you eat and drink in a mindless way and you will be able to stand at that time. Not so! If you do not know these substantive things, cannot grasp the crucial things, and do not have any way of practice, at that time, you will be at a loss when encountering things, and will not be able to withstand satan’s temptation or withstand the coming of refining. If you have no truth and lack the vision within, at that time, you will collapse involuntarily, and then you will write yourself off as hopeless and act recklessly…. If you cannot overcome satan’s power, you will be captured by satan and go back to destruction.” And then, I read another piece “You Must Know the Work and Not Follow in a Foolish Way!,” in which there is this passage of God’s words: “Don’t think it is so easy to follow God. The key is that you must know him, must know his work and, moreover, must have the will to suffer for him, the will to lay down your life for him, and the will to be perfected by him. This is the vision you should have. … If you cannot lay down your life to follow and if you cannot give up all your external things to follow, you certainly cannot follow to the end!” God’s words lighted up my gloomy heart and made me wake up suddenly. Only then did I realize that I was in so dangerous a state. For fleshly enjoyment, I almost became a captive of satan. At the moment, I gained a bit of new knowledge about the word “He who follows to the end will be saved.” Following to the end is not as simple a matter of not dropping out as I imagined. If one has no vision, no truth, and no will to suffer, it is not at all easy for him to follow God to the end. O God! Thank you for saving me in time and making me rein in on the brink of the precipice. I am willing to make this resolution: I will accept the refining work you do on me and follow you to the end firmly!

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