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I Have Gained Very Much by Writing Articles on Life Experience


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I Have Gained Very Much by Writing Articles on Life Experience

Since God’s family required us to write communication articles on life experience, I had been living in excuses: Performing the duty of watering believers, I am too busy to have time to write articles; if I can’t write good articles, will the brothers and sisters look down upon me? … As I did not understand God’s intention and was unwilling to obey God’s arrangement, I never entered into this requirement of God and thus I gained nothing.

Later, I read these words of God: “If you act according to what I speak, the Holy Spirit will immediately work on you. When I release the new light and let you see it and lead you into the present light, if you enter into the present light, the Holy Spirit will immediately work on you. Some people are not convinced, saying, ‘I won’t practice according to your words.’ Then I say that you will have no way to go on, dry up, and have no life now. So, in experiencing the transformation of your nature, the most important thing is to follow the present light.” I carefully pondered over God’s words. God inspired me to understand that God’s requirement is the truth and is the way of practice and I should be a person obedient to God. From then on, I began to make time to write articles. In exercising, my heart gradually got quiet before God more than before. And I amazingly found that along with my entering in in this period, my state became better and better, and my relationship with God became more and more normal.

Before that, I was too careless in my experiences. When encountering things, I never paid attention to my thoughts and ideas, or intents and viewpoints, and I did not know to commit my states to God and pray for them, even less did I know to look for the relevant words of God to eat and drink and solve those problems. Sometimes I lived in darkness and passivity and could not normally perform my duty, but I did not know what caused that. Through writing commutation articles on life experience, unconsciously I became careful. No matter what kind of people, matters, and things I encountered, I began to pay attention to my intents and thoughts and prayed to God about my state, and then, I learned to find the relevant words of God to eat and drink, sought God’s intention, and looked for ways of practice. I began to cooperate to meet God’s requirements and also began to ponder and know my corrupt substance from God’s word…. Imperceptibly, my state became normal and my heart was brightened; also, I have learned to right my passive state. In this period of experience of writing articles, I truly tasted God’s kind intention for man and understood that God’s requirements are the truth and the life, and even more are perfecting to me. Through the step-by-step requirements, God gradually leads me onto the way of being perfected, so that I, while believing in God, can solve all my difficulties by God’s word and learn to live independently by relying on God.

Through the experience of this period, I regret myself for being too numb in the beginning. I always paid no attention to God’s requirement and did not cooperate promptly, which caused me to suffer loss in life. Today, through writing communication articles on life experience, I have realized that whatever God does is good and is beneficial to man’s life. From now on, no matter whether God’s work fits my notions or whether I understand it, I will submit to it. Only in my submission can I see God’s wonderful deeds, see God’s working wisdom, and even more see God’s love.

Weihai City, Shandong Province

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