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I Have Had a Little Knowledge About “God’s Substance Is Almighty”


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I Have Had a Little Knowledge About “God’s Substance Is Almighty”

Recently, an evildoer in God’s family took for herself some of God’s offerings, and the leader assigned me to go to fellowship with her and get the things back. In the face of the commission, I thanked God from my heart for his trusting and uplifting of me. Then I came before God and prayed, “O God! I believe you are almighty and nothing is too difficult for you. I’m willing to cooperate with you and get your offerings back. I will come up to your expectations of me.”

When I went there with great confidence and hope, however, I found that the matter was not as simple as I had imagined. Many times I fellowshipped with her and exhorted her, but to no avail. She not only did not return the things to God’s family, but she got exasperated and aggravated. At this time, I became like a deflated balloon, and all my previous confidence and resolution disappeared. I could not help but begin to complain, “I’ve cooperated, but why hasn’t God worked? God is almighty; why doesn’t he change her mind and make her return the things of God’s family early?”

Passive and weak, I came before God and poured out my difficulty and state to him. Afterward, when I ate and drank God’s word together with the brothers and sisters, I read these words: “Man’s heart and man’s spirit are under God’s control, and man’s entire living is in God’s eyes. No matter whether you believe all these, everything, living or dead, moves, changes, renews, and disappears according to God’s thoughts. This is the way of God’s ruling all things” “Man’s life comes from God. Heaven exists by God. And the earth exists by God’s life power. No living thing can overstep God’s sovereignty, and no vital thing can go beyond the boundary of God’s authority. Thus, everyone, no matter who he is, has to become subject under God’s authority and live under God’s control and cannot escape out of God’s hand.” And then, in the man’s fellowship attached to Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers, I read these words: “Knowing God is not as people imagine that only being able to see God’s deeds in certain aspects is knowing God. Actually, even if people have seen God’s deeds, it does not mean that they have known God. The Israelites had seen God’s many deeds and signs and wonders; did they know God? When God came, didn’t they resist him all the same? To know God is mainly to have knowledge of God’s substance, have true knowledge of God’s nature, have true knowledge of God’s word, and have true knowledge of God’s work and God’s incarnation. Only if one has had true knowledge of these aspects, does it show that he has known God.”

God inspired me, so that I saw my lack and deficiency and realized that I did not have true faith in God’s almightiness. I believed God is almighty only when God’s deeds were manifested; but when God did not manifest his deeds in the matter I encountered, I then did not believe God is almighty. Today, in God’s words, I saw that God’s substance is almighty and he is the mighty God Godself, for God is the ruler of all things. Regardless of whether God’s deeds are manifested to me, God’s substance is almighty and righteous. Moreover, I also understood that even if one has seen God’s deeds, it does not mean he has known God; to know God is mainly to have true knowledge of God’s substance, God’s nature, God’s word, God’s work, and God’s incarnation. Thank God! If God had not exposed or inspired me, I would not have realized that my knowledge was wrong, even less known how to know God.

At that moment, I felt very indebted and guilty. I could not help praying to God: O God, I’m really too poor and pitiful. When you arranged such a circumstance for me, I did not feel grateful to you, but on the contrary, I became passive and resistant and did not want to cooperate actively. I even denied your substance and did not believe you are an almighty God. O God! Without your mercy and blessing, I would never have seen my deficiency or realized that your substance is almighty. I give thanks and praises to you from the bottom of my heart. From now on, in any circumstance, I will keep the belief that you are an almighty God, for your substance is almighty.

After that, unexpectedly, God manifested his deeds to us and let us see a miracle: That person became willing to return the things to God’s family; and she said, “I should not have let God down. In these several years God has treated me well. Only because I am too fleshly and too greedy, I committed offense against God….”

In this experience, I definitely saw that God’s word is trustworthy and true, that God’s word is with authority and power, and that that person’s thoughts were all in the control of God’s thoughts. Although God did not perform any supernatural signs or wonders, God’s word revealed his substance of being almighty. As long as one fully believes God’s word, facts will be fulfilled before his eyes, for God is carrying out the work of “the word accomplishing everything.”

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