I Have Known How to Read Communication Articles to Benefit My Growth in Life

I hosted an article-revising team. Every time there were new communication articles on life experience distributed, I had the advantage of reading them first. But after I read some, I thought: The articles are all well-written, but they are others’ writings about their own experiences and have nothing to do with me. Thus, every time I read the communication articles on life experience, I, with curiosity, skimmed them through like reading novels or stories, just to see what occurrences the brothers and sisters wrote about in them.

One day, the leader handed me the newly-distributed communication articles on life experience. I took them and, as at other times, finished reading them in a short while. Then the leader asked me, “What have you gained from them?” “Nothing,” I said unconcernedly, “I only read about the stories written in them.” As the words fell from my lips, the leader asked me again, “What did you think when you were reading?” Then I told the leader my thought when reading the communication articles. After hearing it, she fellowshipped with me about the purpose and significance of God’s family issuing the publications on life experience. And she read together with me a passage of God’s word: “No matter on what kind of person the work is done, as long as it is done by the Holy Spirit, you should follow it and in your experience practically experience his experience, and you will gain higher things. If you practice this, you will grow faster. This is a path of perfecting people and a way of growing in life. … No matter what the Holy Spirit reveals to others, if you experience according to his knowledge, it will become your life…. You should learn to find ways of practice under the enlightenment and inspiration received by others…. This will be more helpful to your life.

Through the leader’s fellowship and the inspiration of God’s words, I came to realize that it is a way of pursuing growth in life to learn to find ways of practice under the enlightenment and inspiration received by others and bring their knowledge of the truth into my own experience to practice and enter into it. The publications on life experience mainly reflect people’s knowledge of God’s word and of the truth. Each of the communication articles is permeated with the inspiration and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit; they deal with the processes in which the brothers and sisters came out of their corruptions by God’s inspiration in their life experience and are about their true experiences and knowledge of various aspects of truths. As the saying goes, “While laymen watch for fun, professionals understand the workings.” If I’m an observant and conscientious person, I can find from the articles of the brothers and sisters ways to enter into the various truths, and bring the ways into my own experience to practice. Thus, others’ knowledge of the truths will become the ways for me to enter in when I encounter things. If I practice this, my life will grow faster. This is the purpose of God’s family issuing the publications on life experience. However, I ignorantly thought that the communication articles on life experience were about others’ experiences and had nothing to do with me. So, when I read them, I, like a layman, only found out the stories written in them and got some pleasure. I never pondered carefully of which aspects of truth the writers had gained true knowledge in the articles, and then experienced according to their knowledge when encountering similar people, matters, or things, so that my life could grow faster. Over such a long time, I have read many communication articles, but because I did not know the proper way to read them, I lost many opportunities to understand the truth and gain the truth.

Now I have realized that I am still a layman, a sheer layman, in the matter of belief in God. In the future, when I read others’ communication articles on life experience, I will learn to find from their experiences the ways to enter in, and then practice and enter in according to their successful experiences, so that I can grow faster in life and be perfected by God soon.

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