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I Have Known What a Normal Spiritual Living Is


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I Have Known What a Normal Spiritual Living Is

At a meeting, the sister in charge of my work asked me, “How’s your state in this period? Is your spiritual living normal?” I replied without thinking, “My state is quite good and my spiritual living is normal.” The sister asked me again, “Then, how do you live your spiritual living?” “I pray, eat and drink God’s word, and sometimes dance and sing hymns,” I answered fluently. “Can you achieve some results every time? …” I began to feel some antipathy to the sister, because I had never carefully pondered over these questions. I thought: Why do you ask in such detail? Anyway, I have done all that God requires.

After I returned home, the questions the sister asked me still lingered in my mind. So, I took out the book of God’s word, and I read these words: “A normal spiritual living is not just to keep such practices as praying, singing hymns, living the church life, and eating and drinking God’s word but to live in a fresh and lively spiritual living. It is not a matter of the practices but a matter of the results. … They do not care whether they achieve results or gain true knowledge. They just pay attention to going through the process outwardly but pay no attention to the results. They are ones who live in religious rituals, not ones who live in the church, much less ones in the kingdom. … If people live in regulations and put their heart into practices, the Holy Spirit will have no way to work on them…. Such people can never receive God’s approval.” God’s words woke me up suddenly. Oh, my spiritual living has been resting on outward practice since I believed in God, but I thought that I had practiced every item of the spiritual living very well and had already met the standard of practicing the truth to satisfy God. In fact, I did not at all understand the inner meaning of God’s words or know what a normal spiritual living is. I only kept my spiritual living as a regulation and did not lay any stress on achieving results. As I believed in God this way, when could I achieve results, and when could I gain the transformation of my nature? Isn’t this too dangerous? What difference is there between my pursuit and that of those religious people? If I continue like this, won’t I become a person who believes in God but resists God?

O God, thank you for the inspiration of your words. It has enabled me to realize that I am actually a person who only obeys the surface of your word but disobeys the substance of your word. If I do not correct this error, I will gain nothing in the end. O God, from now on, I will no longer be content with the outward practices. I will lay stress on the results, live in your presence at all times, and be a person who truly practices the truth and who is approved by you.

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