I Realize That Only If One Eats and Drinks God’s Word With a Burden Can He Achieve Results

God says: “If you have a burden for the states of the life of the brothers and sisters, which is a burden God commits to you…. When you fellowship, you will pay attention to solving these problems. When you eat and drink God’s words, you will also pay attention to eating and drinking the words concerning this aspect. When you eat and drink God’s words with the burden, you will understand God’s requirements. Then you will be clearer about the ways to go on. These are the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and enlightenment brought by your burden and are also God’s guidance in you.” I had eaten and drunk this passage of God’s word before, but I did not have any knowledge of it. Not until in an experience did I gain a little understanding and a little true knowledge of these words God said.

One day in a meeting, a sister said, “I only care to live the church life, eat and drink God’s word, and pray and fellowship. Why need we go out to perform duties? Won’t we be equally perfected by God by eating and drinking God’s word and living the church life at home?” Hearing her words, I sensed that her state was not right and in saying that she was spreading passivity, but I did not know how to deal with her. In the evening, recalling the scene at the meeting of the day, I felt very much worried: If the sister’s problem can’t be solved, other brothers and sisters may be disturbed by it. But I can’t see through this problem and don’t know how to fellowship and solve it. What should I do? Helpless, I prayed to God, “O God, in the face of the sister’s problem, I have no idea how to solve it. Now I have really seen that I am poor and pitiful without the truth. I am willing to commit this matter into your hand. May you inspire and lead me so that I can see clearly the essence of the problem.”

The next morning, during my spiritual devotions, I read God’s words: “Actually, the church life is only a limited way for people to be perfected, and the main environment for people to be perfected in is the real life.…” “Although the church life can produce some effect on people, most importantly the real life can transform people. Without the real life, people’s old nature cannot be transformed.” Under the inspiration of God’s words, I came to understand this: The church life is merely a limited way for people to be perfected, and it is mainly in the real life that people can be transformed and perfected. If we are content merely to live the church life, eat and drink God’s word, and pray and fellowship, but do not perform duties to exercise ourselves in the real life, then we cannot gain any true knowledge of our disobedient nature, and what we get from God’s word is only letters and doctrines without any reality. In this case, how can we be transformed in our nature and be perfected? Only in performing our duties can we truly see our deficiencies and see the disobedience and corruptions in us. As for the deficiencies in me, weren’t they revealed by my performing duty practically today? Only through practicing God’s word practically in performing duties can we have practical knowledge of the truth and be transformed in our nature. Today, God uplifts us to perform duties with the purpose that we can bring God’s words which we equip ourselves with in the church life into the real life to practice them, so that we can cast off our corrupt nature, make God’s words our life, and finally be perfected by God. … The more I pondered, the more I felt brightened in my heart. That same day, I fellowshipped with the brothers and sisters about the inspiration I had received from this piece of God’s word. Thank God! This meeting achieved a very good result, and the sister’s state was corrected.

This experience caused me to understand that, only when one eats and drinks God’s word with a burden can he receive the Holy Spirit’s working, receive God’s inspiration, and thus understand the truth and have ways of practice. Through cooperating in this way, I not only have gained some true knowledge of the meaning of God’s words but also have solved the sister’s problem. O God! Thank you for having arranged such a circumstance for me, so that I have truly experienced that only if one eats and drinks your word with a burden can he achieve results. From now on, I will have a real burden for the work and for my life entering and seek more inspirations from you, so that I can understand more truths, truly learn to solve problems with the truth, and grow in life continuously.

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