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I Realize That Only If One Understands the Truth Can He Do Well the Substantial Work


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I Realize That Only If One Understands the Truth Can He Do Well the Substantial Work

Some time ago, because I did not know the principles by which God’s family makes adjustments in the use of people, when God’s family dismissed a leader, I had a notion. To my mind, the sister dismissed was quite good in both understanding and fellowshipping about God’s word, and she also could lay bare her corrupt expressions. Thus, I often wondered: Why has such a person who pursued so hard been dismissed suddenly? Was it because she talked too much about her corrupt expressions and the leader thus mistook her for one who does not pursue the truth? If it is so, then hasn’t it ruined the chance for a pursuer of the truth to be trained?

While I remained puzzled about this matter, I read in a work arrangement from above this passage: “God’s family decides to train or use a person according to his substance. If one is in substance a pursuer of the truth, God’s family will never give him up; as long as he pursues the truth, he will surely gain transformation. If one in substance does not pursue the truth, does not attend to his duty, and cannot go the right way, then it is not worthwhile to train him and God will not perfect such a person. If God is not willing to perfect him, you can’t train him either. Only doing so is after God’s heart…. So, you must deal with people according to the need of God’s work, God’s requirement, and people’s substance. Only in acting this way will you be cooperating with God’s work effectively and be truly serving God. If you do not cooperate with God in this effective way, then you are frustrating God’s work and acting completely against God’s will.” Pondering these words over and over, I came to understand that God’s family promotes or replaces a person by principles and according to the requirement of God’s work and the substance of this person. God’s family does not blindly and casually use or replace a person. Besides, God’s family replaces a person not according to some of his outwardly expressed corruptions but according to his substance. If this person is in substance a pursuer of the truth, God’s family will never give him up. God’s family will never stifle or ruin anyone who pursues the truth. Then, I came before God to pray and seek him: O God! I know I have been corrupted too deeply by satan and have no knowledge of your work, so that I have many notions within and my viewpoint on things is always discordant with yours. Today, under your guidance, I’ve known that your family selects or trains or replaces a person according to the requirement of your work and the substance of this person. But I can’t see clearly the substance of the replaced sister, so I have a notion about the arrangement of your family. May you guide and lead me, so that I can have a clear seeing, and that in my future working I won’t do things of frustrating your work because of my erroneousness.

After prayer, I picked up The Manual of the Principles for the Church Work, and under the guidance and leading of God I read this passage: “A person who pursues the truth will examine his corrupt states while reading God’s word, and when fellowshipping about God’s word, he will talk about not only his knowledge of God’s word but also his knowledge of himself. No matter what corruption he has displayed, he lays it bare so that the brothers and sisters can be truly edified and at the same time his own corruption can also be solved. This is the best way to lead people to enter into the word of God. … All those who talk about letters and doctrines and who have no reality are unworthy to be leaders in God’s family. Such leaders or workers should be replaced.” This passage made me realize that a person who truly pursues the truth can examine his corrupt states while reading God’s word, can truly know the substance of God’s word, can truly realize the substance of his corrupt nature, can show people practical ways and bring them before God through his fellowship, and can solve his own problems while solving others’, paying attention to his own entering in life and transformation in nature.

Then, I began to reflect carefully upon the usual actions and behavior of the replaced sister. Though she talked a great deal and reasonably in solving others’ problems, she did not solve her own difficulties in entering into life. She always lived in a state of self-rightness; she thought all her works were done well and thus was complacent, but actually she made a bad mess of them. If what she understood and fellowshipped about was really the substantial knowledge of the truth, then why could her “knowledge” not help herself? When the leader seriously dissected her wrong state and the serious problems in her work and fellowshipped with her, she outwardly kept nodding her acceptance and showed that she was willing to work by the principles, but behind the leader’s back she still went her own way and violated the principles and worked according to her own ideas, causing the work to suffer losses once again. When she was dealt with because of that, outwardly she was very remorseful, but afterward she still did not have any transformation. Although she talked about some knowledge of herself and bared her own corruptions, the result achieved was that she caused others to look up to her and regard her highly and brought them before herself; her “being simple and open” could not bring others any edification but only harmed and deceived them…. From her usual behavior it can be seen that, though she has worked many years and equipped herself with many letters and doctrines, she has not been transformed in her life nature, but on the contrary she has become increasingly arrogant and self-indulgent. Only then did I realize that she is not a person who pursues the truth or a person who has pure understanding of the truth and fellowships about the truth clearly; it is certainly not worthwhile to train her. If she were kept on, she would only hold up the work of God’s family and harm the brothers and sisters. It is God’s righteousness that God’s family has replaced her, and it is also God’s better salvation for her. Otherwise, she would still be deceived by her appearance and be unable to wake up, and would fall into God’s punishment in the end.

Through this matter, I saw that I understood too little about the truth. I only paid attention to the letters of the work arrangements and of the truth and was content with the doctrinal knowledge; but I did not pay attention to seeking God’s will in the work arrangements and did not have any substantial knowledge of the truth. As a result, I could not see clearly the substance of the sister and arrogantly worried that God’s family might have mistakenly dismissed a pursuer of the truth.

O God, thank you for your exposing and inspiration. I have seen that I am poor, pitiful, and blind. And I have realized that without the truth, one can’t see clearly the substance of matters and can only be deceived by their outward appearances; only if one understands the truth can he do well the substantial work. O God! From now on, I will spend more efforts on pursuing the truth, and seek your will and act according to your requirement in everything, so as to be fit for your use soon.

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