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I Realize that Service without Prayer Will Only Fail


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I Realize that Service without Prayer Will Only Fail

Some time ago, the deacons in our church were changed. Because the brothers and sisters promoted to undertake the commissions were just beginning to exercise, they had no idea how to do the church work and thus many problems of other brothers and sisters could not be solved. Facing these difficulties, I did not come before God to look to God and commit them to God; instead, I thought that as long as I spent more time and did my utmost to fellowship with the brothers and sisters, their problems could be solved. So, I ran around every day without a stop, fellowshipping with this person about his state and helping that person resolve his difficulties. Although I had exerted all my energy, I still failed to solve the practical difficulties of the brothers and sisters; instead, I myself was weighed down by them. I thought: There are so many difficulties. How can I shoulder so heavy a burden? It seems that I’m not competent to do the work. However, at the thought that refusing the commission meant rebelling against God, I dared not shirk it. I had to force myself to proceed, feeling very distressed in my heart.

One day, I opened The Summary of Christ’s Preachings and Conversations and read these words of God: “If you have no earnest prayer or genuine prayer to God, it can be said that in God’s eyes you are not counted, and there isn’t you this person. Since there isn’t you this person, how can you have the working of the Holy Spirit? So, you will be deflated before you do much work. In the future, without prayer there will be no work. It is prayer that brings work, and it is prayer that brings service. You are said to be a leader, a person who serves God, but you never spend time and effort on praying or take it seriously; then you will fall as you are serving.” After reading this passage of God’s words, I was much enlightened in my heart. And I also understood why the difficulties in the church could not be solved and the states of the brothers and sisters were always bad. That was because I did not commit these practical difficulties to God and did not look to God. Having no genuine prayer to God, I lost the cooperation that I, a created being, should have. Even if I ran my legs off and broke my neck and kept talking with a silver tongue, I would achieve no result. This is because God’s work is done by God Godself. As I did not fellowship with and draw near to God, my relationship with God has been cut off and God didn’t have me this person. Having no help from God and losing the working of the Holy Spirit, I was just like a dead person with no spirit. After doing some work, I became flattened and fell. How then could I achieve results? I was too arrogant and ignorant of myself! Now, I realize that if one does not rely on God and look to God in performing his duty, he will accomplish nothing by himself and his relationship with God will become more and more distant, and finally he will be deserted by the Holy Spirit. Thank God that his inspiration and guidance has enabled me to understand the importance of prayer. It is really terrible to have no prayer! At the same time, I have understood the real meaning of this word “In the future, without prayer there will be no work.

From then on, I began to attach importance to prayer. I told God the practical difficulties in the church and the states of the brothers and sisters, seeking God’s inspiration and guidance. After a period of time, by praying and seeking unceasingly, I regained the working of the Holy Spirit, and my relationship with God became normal. I also had the will to cooperate with God and had ways to do the work, and the states of the brothers and sisters turned better.

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