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I Realized that Only Keeping Principles Is a Passive Way of Experiencing


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I Realized that Only Keeping Principles Is a Passive Way of Experiencing

In the past, whenever I had notions about God’s work, I uttered complaints and passed judgment casually. Later, through the fellowship and meetings, I came to understand this: Whatever God does is right and there is God’s good purpose in it, and the point is that man cannot see through it. Therefore, whenever I encountered a matter against my notions, I warned myself never to complain or judge but simply to obey it. Just like this, I had always been keeping this principle. I even thought that I had had a certain stature and knew how to experience God’s work.

One day, I read this in Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers: “Just keep such a principle. But for some muddleheaded believers, such a principle can also solve their problems. For a man of understanding, he can find out many things from this word. Every time he encounters a matter and treats it with this principle, he can dig out many things from it. What if one is of no understanding? He can only keep it as a rule, but that can also keep him from violating the administrative decrees and causing great transgressions. … But for many people, they don’t have the true knowledge in the positive aspect and still have too many negative things. It seems that you are not very distressed and have not stopped working. In fact, inside you there are many negative things and no positive things.

Pondering over the words of God, I realized that though by keeping such a principle I managed not to judge or complain at will when God’s work did not fit my notions and thus I was kept, yet I only treated God’s work in a passive way. I did not complain and this was not because I had known God’s work and understood God’s intention. Even less had I entered in from the positive side. God’s intention is not for me to only observe a principle or a rule to keep myself from violating the administrative decrees and causing great transgressions. Rather, God hopes that, by experiencing his work against man’s notions, I can know the substance of my nature more clearly, find ways in his word to actively enter in, and then use the truth to eliminate my inner things hostile to him, resolve my disobedience and resistance from the root, and, moreover, discover God’s loveliness, gain more and more knowledge about him, enter further into the truth gradually, and grow in life continuously, so that I will be able to stand firm in various trials. When God’s work against my notions came, however, I never pondered what God’s intention was, what God’s requirements for man were, what I had manifested, what truths I should understand…. I restrained myself from complaining only by keeping this principle “Never hold notions, and whatever God does is good and right.” Thus, in each trial from God, I gained no knowledge of my disobedient nature, failed to understand God’s considerate intention or God’s love and salvation, and much less knew God’s wisdom and wonder in doing his work. Wasn’t I a person who believed in God in a muddled way?

Now I understand this: When God’s work comes, a person, while keeping that principle, should seek God’s intention, try to know his own corruptions and disobedience, and enter in from the positive side, and thus he can gain practical things and be after God’s heart.

O God, thank you that your word has inspired me and made me know that I was a person who followed you passively. From now on, I will cooperate with you actively. Whatever I encounter, I will seek the truth, seek your intention, and pursue to be a person who knows you.

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