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I Saw God’s Deeds by Faith


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I Saw God’s Deeds by Faith

I am a member of the gospel-preaching team in our church. Once, the church assigned me to preach the gospel to a sister of the Local Church. (She and I had a good relationship.) I had once preached to her but was driven out by her. Guided by God’s word, I decided to go to preach to her again.

At dusk that day, in a sunset glow, I stepped into the sister’s house. Before I could open my mouth, she shouted at me like a machine gun: “What do you come here for? I tell you, I’d rather go to hell or the lake of fire than accept your gospel. No matter how well you speak, it will waste your breath. I won’t listen. Go away right now!” I seemed to have been given a head-on blow and was instantly at a loss. I thought: You deserve to go to hell; you are unworthy of being pitied! I turned and wanted to leave. Just at the moment, God’s words inspired me: “Have you forgotten that you were one of the victims? Are you not willing to try hard to save all these survivors because of loving God?” My heart got enlightened. Yes! God has saved me from the darkness so that I’m lucky to come before God to enjoy the abundance of his love in God’s family. If those who preached to me had wanted to run away when encountering difficulties as I do, could I have my today? No! I can’t let God down. I won’t give up until the sister accepts the gospel! So, I withdrew my leg that had taken a step, and said to her, “If you don’t accept it, I won’t leave. I don’t go home until you accept it.” Seeing that I was so resolute, she began to scold her child and fling things with the intention to drive me away. Later, she simply lay down with her back toward me and went to sleep….

It was a dark and hard night. Hearing the sister’s snores, I tossed about and could hardly fall asleep. And I was hungry, stomach rumbling. I no longer had faith to preach the gospel to her: Besides being scolded, I have to go hungry. Why should I ask for this trouble? But at the thought of my oath before God, I dropped the idea of giving up preaching to her. In a dilemma, I could not but begin to weep secretly. Suddenly, a hymn from God’s word rang in my ears: “In experiencing the end-time work, you need to have a great faith and a great love. … What God perfects is people’s faith. They won’t see anything or sense anything. What God does is to make his word become people’s faith, make his word become their love, and make his word become their life. … When they all can … have a great faith in God, this stage of the work will be ended.” The words in this hymn tightly gripped my heart, encouraging and inspiring me. I could not help telling my inner words to God silently: “O God! Since I followed you I have got so much, but the time of my satisfying you is too little. Now I finally have this opportunity and I have the faith to cooperate with you. I must bring her before you!”

The next morning, the sister said, “I’m really subdued! I treated you in such a way, but you still have so great the faith to preach to me. I’ll accept Almighty God.” Ah! I was so glad that I could not help exclaiming in my heart: “O God! You are so wonderful and great! I’ve seen your deeds by faith! Whether or not the sister would accept the gospel was in your control. Such a circumstance came to me just to perfect my faith.” Thinking back to the past, the reason why I preached the gospel but without result was that my faith was too little and I had not a heart of loving souls, was afraid of sufferings and difficulties, dared not press forward in the face of difficulties, and did not cooperate in God’s work actively, which caused the Holy Spirit to have no way to work on me. Today, it was God’s word that gave me faith so that I could luckily see God’s deeds. I give my thanks and praises to God from my heart. Also, I have truly understood the real meaning of this word spoken by God, “…only in faith can you see God. If you have faith, God will perfect you.

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