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I Still Lived in a Vague Belief


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I Still Lived in a Vague Belief

Having experienced years of God’s work, I saw that God loved men so much that he racked his brains and paid a great price to save men and never deserted men over the several thousand years. Then I thought, “Since God loves men so much, he will never abandon those who follow him, not to mention those like us who perform duties. Anyhow, we have at least expended a little for God. Although God’s words are sternly spoken, God still loves men and pities men. As long as they do not drop out but follow all along, no matter what, they all can survive in the end.” Since I had such a thought of trying luck, I was not thirsty for God’s word, nor was I willing to pursue the truth. I muddled along living in the flesh, and I fell into darkness.

One day, in the reply from above to the questions from the churches in Anhui Province, I read these words: “People increasingly feel that they themselves are good ones and always think that God will not discard them. Those who have such a thought have no self-knowledge. We should see the hidden danger in such a state, because it is God who does the work and it is not we human beings who have the last word. God has his principles and standards in saving man. If people don’t cooperate properly, they will not achieve the results required by God. Then God will get angry with people and they will fall into the punishment of God. So, such a thought of people is not reliable. This is only men’s wishful thinking. If people want to turn back to God, they should know the work of God, know God’s principles to saves man, and understand God’s requirements for man.” Only then did I realize that my viewpoint was not right. To save man, God has his own principles and standards and won’t possibly do it according to my imaginations. At that moment, a hymn from God’s word lingered in my ears: “If you measure the practical God of today against the god you imagine in your mind, your belief is from satan and according to your own preferences. God does not accept such belief.” However, I thought that as long as I followed Almighty God, I would not be destroyed anyway. Wasn’t I measuring the God of today with my own imaginations? Such a thought of mine did not come from the word of God, but from my speculation and imagination, from the flesh, satan. It was not the truth but a notion, a vague belief. God has personally come to do his work for the purpose of taking away the images of the vague god from people’s heart. God has personally spoken the word and made his nature known to the public. About his being, his love and hate, what kind of people to be saved, and what kind of people to be destroyed, hasn’t God spoken plainly in his word? God wants people to know him practically, to cooperate with him according to his requirements, and to pursue the transformation of their nature to be saved by him. However, why did I pay no attention to God’s word but measured God with my imagination and inference? Having followed Almighty God for years, I only saw God’s mercy and love yet knew nothing about God’s righteousness and faithfulness. My knowledge of God still remained in the Age of the Grace, and my belief in God was still built upon a vague faith. I was really too pitiable! If I kept holding my imagination without dropping it and did not pursue the truth nor pursue the transformation of my nature, even if I follow God to the end, I would still fall into punishment because of God’s righteousness. Only now have I realized that one’s imagination is really a stumbling block to his pursuit of life and it can make him go astray and wait passively for his end.

Thank God for his timely guidance! I’m willing to drop the imaginations and notions in me and will no longer live by the thought of trusting to luck. I will practically pay price to pursue the life and seek to know the practical God.

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