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I Stole God’s Sacrifices In Performing My Duty


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I Stole God’s Sacrifices In Performing My Duty

After I accepted God’s new work of the end time, God’s family assigned me to do hosting. When I first hosted the brothers and sisters, I was very glad and was willing to give. But as time went on, my disobedience flowed out. I thought: For such a long time they eat and live in my home. What will I eat if they eat up my food? Just then, a sister came and I couldn’t help telling her this thought. Later, God’s family provided food for me to do hosting, and now I was relieved. From then on, I cooked for the brothers and sisters with the food of God’s family. Naturally I began to eat it along with them. As time passed, my greedy desire became greater and greater. Whether the brothers and sisters were in or not, I ate the food. And I even thought shamelessly: Previously I hosted with my own food, so today it is not unreasonable for me to eat a little food of God’s family. Besides, God’s family will continue to provide when the food is eaten up. Thus, whenever the food ran out, I as a matter of course asked God’s family for more.

One day, when eating and drinking the word of God I read this: “You, a tiny bug, steal the offerings on the altar of me Jehovah. … You shameless cheap person! The sacrifices on the altar are offered to me by people, which show the ‘gratitude’ of those who fear me. They should be at my disposal and for my use. How could you take the small turtledoves offered to me by people? Are you not afraid that you will become a Judas? Are you not afraid that your field will become a ‘field of blood’? You shameless thing! Do you think that the turtledoves offered by people are for you to nourish the stomach of you maggot? What I give to you is given by me willingly. What I do not give to you should be at my disposal. I do not allow you to steal my offerings as you please. The One who does the work is me Jehovah—the Creator, and it is for my sake that people offer sacrifices. Do you think that they are wages for your running? You are so shameless! Whom are you running for? Aren’t you running for yourself? Why do you steal my sacrifices? Why do you steal the money in my purse? Aren’t you a ‘son of Judas Iscariot’? The sacrifices of me Jehovah are for the priests to enjoy. Are you a priest? You even dare to eat my sacrifices proudly and you put them on your table. You are too worthless! You worthless cheap person! The fire of me Jehovah will eventually burn you up!” God’s words, like a sharp two-edged sword, pierced my numb heart, and the exposing made me want to sink through the ground. I could not help giving a shudder. I recalled that in this period of doing hosting, I always considered and planned for myself, and counted all day how much I had expended for God and how much God’s family should give me. And I even took advantage of my performing duty to get profit from God’s family. My greedy inherent nature made me lose my conscience and sense. I actually shamelessly made demands of God’s family, and boldly stole the sacrifices of God while feeling complacent. According to my actions and behavior, I deserved to be punished and cursed by God, but God only used his words to judge and warn me so that I have seen my greedy ugly self and known my corrupt nature. O God, thank you that your great tolerance gives me a chance to revive my conscience. From now on, I will equip myself with more of your words to resolve my greedy inherent nature, host the brothers and sisters properly, and no longer seek benefit for myself. If I again steal your sacrifices, punish me severely and let my outcome be like that of Judas.

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