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I Tasted God’s Love in Performing My Duty


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I Tasted God’s Love in Performing My Duty

It was because I had hepatitis that I came before God. After I believed in God, my condition changed somewhat for the better. And one year later, I was uplifted by God—received God’s end-time work. Before long, a sister came to fellowship with me, hoping that I could go out to perform duty. At that time I said without thinking, “I’m in poor health. Although my condition has turned for the better now, the doctor tells me not to overwork myself. Even if I occasionally go somewhere now, I need my husband to take me there and back by motorcycle. It is out of the question for me to go out to perform duty.” After the sister went, I complained against her: If I were in good health as you are, wouldn’t I also be able to run around outside performing duty? After some time, the sister came to me again, and I still refused to perform duty on the pretext of my poor health. Then she fellowshipped with me about God’s words: “Living in illness, you will be ill. Living in spirit, you won’t be ill. As long as you still have one breath, God will not let you die.” At this, I remembered the hymn of God’s word “God Has Tasted All the Sufferings of the World in Man’s Stead”: “God comes to taste the sufferings of the world, tasting the torments of physical illnesses….” Thinking of this, I was greatly touched, and unconsciously my tears fell like rain. When God comes to earth through being incarnated this time, he suffers the torments of illnesses, tastes the sufferings of the world, and undergoes man’s rejection, slander, misunderstanding, and blasphemy, but God is still doing his work of saving man in obscurity. I, however, because of a minor illness, refused to perform duty and wanted to rest. The contrast made me see more clearly my ugly self of being selfish, contemptible, and covetous of ease. Besides, my illness had already turned better; wasn’t this God’s salvation and love for me? At the moment, I really felt too ashamed to show my face. So, I no longer gave reasons or made excuses and no longer cared for my flesh. I resolutely went out of my home to perform my duty to requite God’s love. In the course of my performing duty, I tasted the delight of the working of the Holy Spirit and I felt really relieved and pleased. And imperceptibly, I fully recovered.

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