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I Tasted that God’s Nature Does Not Tolerate Man’s Offense


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I Tasted that God’s Nature Does Not Tolerate Man’s Offense

God says: “I advise you to exert some effort to know the contents of the administrative decrees and exert some effort to know God’s nature. Otherwise, you all can hardly keep your mouths shut and will speak with an unbridled tongue and speak high-sounding words. Unconsciously, you will offend God’s nature. Unconsciously, you will fall into darkness, lose the Holy Spirit, and lose the light. This is because you lack principles in doing things. Since you have done things you should not do and said things you should not say, you will receive a deserved retribution.” In the past, I had never paid attention to these words of God. Only after I underwent a discipline did I deeply feel God’s greatness and awesomeness.

One day in January 2003, I learned that a young sister (the liaison deacon) in our church suddenly died in her sleep at night. Immediately, I had a notion and began to pass judgment before a sister of my village, “So many passive people God leaves alone. This sister was so burdened for the work of God’s family, but God took her away. I don’t think God is righteous in doing so. Who can have the faith to follow in future? …” While I was speaking, my mouth suddenly began to quiver and I began to stammer. In the end, I couldn’t utter even a word. At that time, I was extremely scared. Seeing my condition, the sister was also frightened out of her wits. She rose to her feet and wanted to run out to get somebody. I had then become aware that I judged God and was thus being punished by God, so I grabbed the sister and did not let her go. She understood what I meant. Then we two quickly knelt down to pray God for forgiveness. About forty minutes later, I gradually returned to normal. In terror, I prostrated myself before God once again and repented to God in bitter tears: O God, I am wrong. I should not have talked recklessly before you, judging the right and wrong of your doing. You are righteous. Whatever you do is right and it contains your good purpose. I was extremely blind to have blasphemed you and offended your nature. It is really my deserts that I have suffered such a discipline. Today, I have tasted your nature that does not tolerate man’s offense. From now on, I will take this matter as a warning, have a heart of fearing you in everything, and walk the path of belief in you with caution.

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