I Tasted the Power of Prayer

Although I had followed God for years, I paid no attention to prayer. I always thought that prayer could not solve practical difficulties, and that even if I prayed I still had to do the work by myself. So at every meeting I treated prayer as a regulation to observe. I even felt that prayer wasted time. Sometimes I simply did not pray and talked about the work as soon as I met with others. Thus, over time, I felt empty within; I always got confused when encountering things, and handled matters chaotically.

One day, the leader asked me, “I want to call the several assistants together for a meeting. Can you find a fit home?” I replied without thinking, “Yes! In our place there is a suitable home and the mistress is willing to receive.” The leader, not assured, phoned me and asked me to go and have a look. After hanging up, I went to that host home. Unexpectedly, I talked with the sister for over two hours, and she all the time refused to receive on the pretext of being busy. At that time, I was nearly worried to tears, but she still disagreed. Facing this situation, I was at a loss: What should I do? That side is waiting to use the home, but this side refuses however I talk. Now I felt I was at my wits’ end, and my heart was very distressed. Suddenly, I remembered God’s words: “In the future, without prayer, there will be no work. It is prayer that brings work, and it is prayer that brings service.” God’s words, like a beacon, lighted the way ahead of me. Then I said to the sister, “Sister, let’s say a prayer together.” When I opened my mouth to call out to God, tears already coursed down my cheeks: “O Almighty God! You have uplifted me and put the commission upon me, but I am too useless to talk about the truth clearly and I am unable to solve the sister’s state, so that your work is hindered. O God! May you not look at our disobedience, have mercy on us once again, move our spirits, and change our hearts, so that we can think for your work.”

After the prayer, the sister’s attitude changed suddenly. She readily agreed, willing to receive. I was very excited. I never expected that the power of prayer should be so great. The problem which had not been solved by the talk of over two hours, was solved by one prayer. In this matter, I saw that a genuine prayer can change a man’s heart and make him obey, and that the result achieved by prayer is really unimaginable. In the past, I always thought that prayer could not solve practical difficulties and wasted time. I was really too ridiculous! Today I have known that prayer not only does not waste time, but it can practically settle many matters which man cannot see through and cannot reach. I have also understood that it was because I lacked genuine prayer that in this period I worked without confidence and became confused when I encountered things.

From then on, I began to attach importance to prayer. Whatever came upon me, I consciously looked to God and sought God’s intention. After exercising like this for a time, I felt my mind was clear and my heart assured, and in working I felt very light and had ways. Through the practical experience, I felt that the power prayer brings to man is really inexhaustible. Prayer is really very important!

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