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I Was a Reckless Daredevil


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I Was a Reckless Daredevil

During the previous period, the gospel work in our place could never be spread. Then, I decided on my own to copy by hand God’s words in “A Word About the Bible.” While copying, I feared that the gospel friends would have notions about some words of God, so I deleted and changed certain words and even added my own in certain places. When I had made several copies and was about to ask the brothers and sisters to distribute them to the sects and denominations, I happened to meet our church leader. She said, “When you make extracts from God’s word, you must mark them with ‘God’s words.’” At this, I froze, my face turned pale, and my heart went pit-a-pat. What shall I do? What shall I do? I’ve changed God’s words. The sister’s reminding made me suddenly become fearful, and I hurriedly returned and opened the book of God’s word. I read these words: “If you change the words of God Godself or tamper with the words of God Godself, this is resistance and blasphemy against God, and is rebellion. …just as the archangel…. To his mind, God is even inferior to him in some respects, God has nothing and he has something, and people should all believe in him and he is God. …” “Many people served God by zealousness and did not know God’s administrative decrees, much less understand the meaning of God’s word. So, with their good intentions, they often did things that disturbed God’s management. The worst ones were expelled and had no opportunity to follow God again and were cast into hell and had nothing to do with God’s family.

God’s stern words shocked me and made me tremble with fear. Only then did I realize that my doing was entirely the expression of the archangel and the behavior of an antichrist, and was seriously resisting and blaspheming God. God works and speaks words entirely according to man’s present need, and his every sentence and every word has profound meaning. I, a maggot in the dunghill, was so audacious that I dared to tamper with God’s words and even added my own to them. I was really a reckless daredevil. The more I thought, the more I felt the seriousness of the matter. Fear, tremble, and remorse came over me, and tears rolled down my cheeks continuously. O God, I really deserve death, destruction, and curse. If you were not working in the flesh today, I would have died a graveless death. However, you have left me my life. I do not wish anything else but to follow you in obscurity and do service to you all my life.

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