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I Was Actually Working According to My Own Will


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I Was Actually Working According to My Own Will

One day I went to a small district to check the work there. Inquiring the work from the small-district leader’s assistant and the truth-entering examiner, I discovered that there were many loopholes in the work of this small district: Security measures were not properly made and persecution nearly happened; the work of sustaining the new believers was not well arranged; and the gospel clues were also improperly assigned. At that time I thought, “This small-district leader is so incompetent. She has hardly done any practical work! If this situation continues, won’t the work of God’s family be held up? As she is incompetent, I will simply have her replaced.” So, I began to look for a suitable person. When I found the small-district leader was in some kind of a bad state, I had no patience to fellowship with her; I just waited to dismiss her.

just then, in the work arrangement “The Serious Problem Among the Leaders of All Levels of the Church: Dealing With and Replacing People at Will,” I read these words: “…and the other problem is that of replacing a leader at will once he is found not to have done the work well. These … go against God’s word and are not after God’s heart. We all know that it is not an easy matter for one to serve as a leader and he will inevitably meet with failures. This is an objective fact that no one can deny. If we find a leader has done something wrong or failed to do the work well and thus have him replaced, then I am afraid there are few leaders who can stand for long…. We must acknowledge that everyone will encounter many failures in doing his work. So, we should not be too harsh on others and make too high the demands of others. In the future, one used by God’s family is not allowed to be replaced at will as long as he meets the standard for being selected and used; he can be replaced only when it is discovered that he has a very bad humanity and a stubborn and unruly nature, absolutely does not love the truth, and is not worth training. If a leader has no serious problem in humanity, is essentially upright in character and decent in behavior, loves the truth, and fails to do the work well only because of lack of working experience, then we are absolutely not allowed to replace him; we should intensify the training of him and give him more guidance. Since we humans will unavoidably make mistakes in selecting people, we should act prudently; we cannot act according to our emotion, much less can we make any deal.”

After reading these words, I examined myself in the matter of treating the small-district leader. Didn’t I want to replace her at will? God’s family has principles and standards for replacing people. Only those who have a very bad humanity and a stubborn and unruly nature, absolutely don’t love the truth, and are not worth training, can be replaced. However, when I only found the small-district leader had some loopholes and defects in the work, I wanted to remove her but didn’t exert efforts to water, sustain, and instruct her. Was I not violating the work arrangement? Was I not disrupting God’s work of training people and perfecting people? As we all have been deeply corrupted by satan and now we are in the period of being transformed, everyone will unavoidably have errors and deficiencies in his performing duty. In retrospect, I once had many errors and deviations in my work; and my leader fellowshipped with me and instructed me time and time again. But today, facing the few loopholes existing in the work of the small-district leader, I did not allow her any mistakes, made high requirements of her, and did not have a heart of understanding and helping her. I was too harsh on others. But even so, I still thought that I was safeguarding the interests of God’s family. I was really arrogant and ignorant!

I am grateful for God’s timely guidance and inspiration. It has prevented me from doing things against God’s will and disrupting God’s work. It has also enabled me to know that there are specific principles for every work of God’s family, and only by doing the work strictly according to the work arrangements can one satisfy God’s will. In the future, I will never again do things according to my own will. I will, with a heart of fearing God, consciously seek God’s mind in everything and perform my duty strictly according to the principles. I will spend more time and effort watering and sustaining and instructing this small-district leader, and together complete God’s commission to us to console God’s heart.

Then, I dropped the plan of replacing the small-district leader, and immediately found her and fellowshipped with her.

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