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I Was Leading the People to Observe Regulations


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I Was Leading the People to Observe Regulations

Not long ago, I learned that the small-district leaders, the second-line team members, and others gathered in the street to make arrangements for the work and talk about their states. I was aware that that was too dangerous and I must stop it at once. So, I called all the small-district leaders together to specially talk about safety. To ensure that nothing would go wrong, I required each of them to write a guarantee and take an oath before God: If I again meet with others or arrange affairs in the street, let God’s curse come upon me. I thought that this would keep us absolutely safe.

A few days later, I phoned the small-district leaders successively to inquire about their work. Unexpectedly, they all had fallen into a bad state, and the results of their work declined as well. After I met with them and inquired of them, I knew that, because of having written the guarantee they dared not meet others in the street, but there were no appropriate homes; thus, they had all lived in the difficulty, having resistance in their hearts, and some of them had even fallen ill from the torment of it. In the face of all this, I was greatly shocked: How come things have become like this? I came before God to seek: “O God, I don’t know why such a result was caused. I am willing to know myself. May you inspire me.” After the prayer, I opened the book of God’s word and read these words: “The work done by a qualified worker can lead people onto the right path and cause them to enter further into the truth. The work he does can lead people into God’s presence, and he can do the work according to people’s different situations and without being bound by regulations, so that people can be released and free and gradually grow in life and enter further into the truth. The work done by an unqualified worker falls far short. His work is foolish, and he can only lead people into regulations. What he requires people to do is not according to their different situations, and he does not work according to their actual needs. Such work has too many regulations and doctrines and cannot lead people into reality and cannot lead them into the normal practice in growing in life but can only make them observe some worthless regulations. Such a leader will lead people astray.” The inspiration of God’s words made me feel ashamed and disgraced. Facing the problem that the small-district leaders did not abide by the principle and met with others in the street, I should have led them to understand God’s intention concerning safety, and understand God’s requirements for people in the period of the tribulation and the serious consequences of not doing things according to principles, and should have pointed out the ways of practice according to the actual difficulties in each small district, so that they can, on the basis of understanding of God’s intention, be active to meet God’s requirements and be willing to do things by principles. Only this is leading people to practice the truth to satisfy God and bringing people before God. However, I was foolish and ignorant. I did not clearly fellowship with the brothers and sisters about God’s intention, nor did I point out the ways of practice in their actual difficulties. Rather, I constrained them by an oath and a regulation, causing them to obey outwardly but resist in their heart, and live in difficulties without a way to go; the brothers and sisters received no benefit in their life, and the work of God’s family suffered loss. Such service of mine was not after God’s heart at all.

Thanks be to God! Through this matter, I was exposed as foolish and unfit for God’s use. At the same time, it has enabled me to understand that by leading people to observe regulations I cannot lead them into God’s presence, but only cause them to be more and more distant from God and suffer loss in their life. In performing my duty in future, I will pay attention to seeking God’s intention in everything, and exercise resolving the brothers’ and sisters’ difficulties with the truth, so that they can all cooperate with God actively and initiatively on the basis of understanding God’s intention. I will truly bring the people before God, and pursue to be a qualified worker to satisfy God.

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