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I Was One Who Did Not Know God’s Work


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I Was One Who Did Not Know God’s Work

When I first became a district leader, I ran into a succession of problems and difficulties: Firstly, a sum of money of God’s family was embezzled by a wicked person. Before that was settled, a safety problem arose in the work of general affairs. Then in the churches, some people had various illnesses and could not experience forward, and some had the working of evil spirits and showed their true colors…. Faced with these knotty problems, I was at a loss what to do: Heavens, what should I do? How come so many problems have cropped up? I have a shallow experience and a limited understanding of the truths. What should I do to solve them? At this time, I felt overburdened as if a mountain weighed on me. Pessimism and despondence welled up in my heart: I cannot move forward a single step, utterly unable to solve the states of others or the difficulties in the work. Maybe God is exposing me as having no truth and being unfit for this duty. The more I thought about it, the more passive I became; and I felt more and more depressed in spirit.

When I was weak in the extreme, from above came a fellowship. It says: “Having experienced God’s work until now, most of the leaders may have realized that without the truth, one cannot do the church work and really has no way to help others as to how to experience God’s word when they encounter difficulties. At the same time, you may have all felt that you are too deficient and too small in stature. When meeting problems, you do not know how to approach them and are terribly worried, and even feel overburdened. This is normal. But you should not be passive. Try your best to make progress, and your life and stature will surely grow as you enter into the truth. This is how the Holy Spirit leads people forward step by step.” “The believers in God should all truly know God’s work. God is indeed maneuvering all things to serve this stage of work. In the place where God works sovereignly, God controls everything with his word. In order for people to understand God’s word and know God’s deeds, God even maneuvers the regime of the great red dragon to persecute, hunt, and restrict the group of people who believe in and follow God. In such a terrifying environment, God also allows satan and various evil spirits to work and deceive people for service for perfecting God’s people. Meanwhile, God allows all sorts of wicked persons and antichrists to disturb, destroy, and demolish, and permits all kinds of tribulations, diseases, and afflictions to come upon all believers in God. It is truly a place for the kingdom exercise! The feast God has prepared is rich and abundant. All things which are against man’s notions, that is, the things which people think are impossible to happen and should not happen, and even the unexpected things, come upon all people, so that they have to face them, make their choices, and take sides. God indeed exposes people in everything, and has prepared sufficient lessons for them to learn. If one does not rely on God and pursue the truth, he cannot go forward. … Therefore, in the church, that is, in the place for the kingdom exercise, all occurrences contrary to man’s notions are arranged by God for people to know God. There is no doubt about this. It is so realistic. Now is the good opportunity to know God and to be perfected by God. Without such work of God, people would never know God.”

After reading these words, I felt brightened in my heart all at once. I understood this: The many problems arising in the churches are all permitted by God. In order to build up and perfect us, God maneuvers all things and arranges all kinds of people, matters, and things to try us, causing us to taste the abundant feast that God has prepared for us, so that we can gain the truth, grow in life, and know God, and can soon be perfected by God and be fit for God to use. However, I did not know God’s work, much less know how to experience God’s work. In the face of the problems, I did not rely on God and seek to solve them with the truth, cooperating with God’s work actively and accepting God’s perfecting. On the contrary, when I saw that I was too small in stature and too deficient and could not solve these problems, I became passive, complaining that God arranged for me too many difficulties, and misunderstanding that God exposed me as being unfit for this duty. Actually, encountering these difficulties can urge me to equip myself with more truths and exercise solving problems with the truth, so that I can understand God’s word, know God’s deeds, learn more lessons, and grow in life and be fit for God to use. But I was blind and ignorant and knew nothing about God’s work. Only then did I understand God’s kind intention and ardent expectations in arranging the circumstances.

Thank God for his inspiration. I will no longer be passive because of lacking too much. I will truly rely on and look to God, learn lessons from the problems I encounter, pursue to look at things according to God’s word, and solve the problems with the truth. I believe that God will lead me to solve all the difficulties.

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