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I Was Purely an Unbeliever


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I Was Purely an Unbeliever

Recently, my daughter asked me twice to give her the book of God’s word to read. Although I told her that now she only needed to study hard and considered that after her exams, yet I thought in my heart: My daughter will soon take entrance examinations for senior middle school. In today’s society, one without a high education will have no way to survive. No matter what, now I can’t let her believe in God. I will consider it after she gets into university. So, every day I only cared about her study and did not intend to preach the gospel to her.

One day, during my spiritual devotions, I read these words of God: “Since mankind had social science, science and knowledge have occupied human heart. Then science and knowledge become tools to rule mankind, so that mankind does not have enough space to worship God and does not have more favorable conditions to worship God, and God’s place in the heart of the whole mankind increasingly drops.” “Satan corrupts men through the education and edification from the state government and from those famous men and great men. … Satan educates men through the so-called good traditional cultures of each country, causing men to fall into the boundless ocean of great calamity, and in the end to be destroyed by God because they serve satan and resist God.

God’s words woke me up suddenly. Actually, science and knowledge have now become tools to rule mankind. Just by human science and knowledge, satan corrupts man, binds man, and cages man, causing man to have no enough space to worship God, to lose the place for God in his heart, and in the end to be destroyed by God because he serves satan and resists God. However, I always believed in and worshipped science and knowledge, thinking that only when one had a high-level education and knowledge could he survive in today’s society and have a good destiny. So, I refused my daughter when she asked twice to read the book of God’s word. I only wished her to have high education and did not want her to believe in God. Man was created by God, and everyone’s destiny is under God’s control. Only by worshipping God will man have a good fate and have a real destination. If one does not believe in God, his education is useless no matter how high it is. This is because knowledge is not the truth and even less can it give man life. Only God is the truth and the way and the life, and only God can control everything of mankind. Although I followed Almighty God, the ruler of all things in the universe, I did not believe God controls everything of man, but believed that science and knowledge could determine man’s destiny. From my viewpoint it could be seen that I was purely an unbeliever and my faith in God was really poor!

Thank God for inspiring me and guiding me with his words, and I have realized that my viewpoint is extremely absurd. If I continue to hold this viewpoint, not only my daughter’s life will be ruined, but I myself will eventually be destroyed by God because my viewpoint is against God and I thus deny and resist God. I am willing to correct my absurd viewpoint on things and preach the gospel to my daughter immediately. I will equip myself with more truths and pursue to take sides with God in everything and view things according to the word of God, so as to soon become a person who has a place for God in his heart and who is in accord with God in his viewpoints on things.

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