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I Was So Arrogant As to Limit God’s Work


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I Was So Arrogant As to Limit God’s Work

…because God’s thoughts are always higher than man’s thoughts and God’s wisdom can be fathomed by no man. So, I say that those who ‘see through’ God and God’s work are all impotent ones and arrogant and ignorant men. Man should not define God’s work, not to mention that man cannot define God’s work. Man is simply smaller than an ant in God’s eyes. How could he fathom God’s work? Aren’t all those who repeatedly say, ‘God does not work like this; God does not work like that’ and ‘God is like this; God is like that’ the ones who speak arrogant words?” When I read these words of God in the past, I always thought that they were directed at those in various sects and denominations who resisted God’s new work. In the beginning, I didn’t resist God’s end-time work or have any notions about it but obediently accepted it, so I always could not relate this passage of God’s words to myself. If God had not exposed me, I would never admit that I was a person who limited God.

One day, the sister of the host home was free, so she was together with us reading the articles sent from the brothers and sisters for revision. When she read an article written by a new gentile believer, she retold us the content. She said that the sister’s family all accepted God’s end-time work and received a lot of grace from God; not only had she herself recovered from the headache of years, but her daughter had also recovered from her illness. Upon hearing that, I said without thinking: “It’s a vague belief! God no longer does the work of that kind. Healing the sick was the work done in the Age of the Grace. Now is the Age of the Kingdom, and God perfects people with his word, and purifies people by chastisement and judgment and suffering and refining. How can it be possible that God still does the work of bestowing grace on people?” I stated my opinion in an assertive tone. And then the matter was not mentioned anymore. But in the following days, I read, one piece after another, a few similar articles written by gentile believers. In the face of this, I could not but ponder, “Has God really bestowed grace on gentile believers? Is it that the work done on gentile believers is different from the work done among us? It can’t be so. God has said that now it is the Age of the Kingdom. How come he again…?” I couldn’t understand it despite much thought. But before the articles of the brothers and sisters, I had to accept the fact.

In confusion, I came before God to seek. Till after I read the words in the Postscript to The Word Has Appeared in the Flesh, I somewhat woke up. God says: “…because people always like to confine God to a certain point. Although people all shout that God is almighty and God is all-inclusive, they are apt by nature to limit God to a certain scope. Everyone resists and limits God while knowing God.”

“… How can man fathom God’s almightiness and wisdom? Here, the fact I want to state is: What God is and has is forever inexhaustible; God is the source of life and the origin of all things; God is unfathomable to any created being. Finally, I still want to remind all people: Don’t confine God once again to a book, to the letters, and to the former words of God. …and even less does he want man to confine him to a certain scope to worship. This is the nature of God.

Under the timely inspiration and enlightenment of God’s words, I realized that I had confined God to the book and to his former work and word, and that I had resisted God and offended God’s nature because of my arrogant and conceited nature. I saw that I had no true knowledge about God, even less a heart of fearing God. Man is a created being and is smaller than an ant, so how could he fathom God’s almightiness and wisdom? In God there is no regulation but all freedom and release. Whatever he does, God can reach his goal of saving man and fulfill the purpose of his management plan. And I, so small a maggot, dared to judge and comment on God’s work and word indiscreetly. Do I have any reason? I am really arrogant and ignorant!

O God, thank you for revealing me, I’ve realized my deficiency. In the future, you will do more things that are not in accordance with my notions, and I only wish to seek and fellowship more in your word, and pursue to know you. I will never again dare to limit your work at will.

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