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I Was Too Conservative


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I Was Too Conservative

In December 2003, when I read the work arrangement “The Church Can Preach the Gospel to Part of the Preachable Gentiles,” I had a notion immediately: The previous work arrangement says that the gospel can only be preached to those who are in the name of Jesus, yet today’s work arrangement says that the gospel can be preached to part of the gentiles who can be preached. Aren’t they contradictory? Especially for Item 4, I even more couldn’t accept it; it says: “As for those who believe in various superstitions or those who once worshipped evil spirits and false gods, the gospel can be preached to them as long as they are not professional or not possessed by evil spirits.” When I believed in Jesus, it was fellowshipped that these people were hostile to God and most loathsome to God. How come today God puts them into the scope of the preachable ones? …” I could not understand it despite much thought. With this question, I came before God to seek. And I read God’s words: “Religious people are most good at taking God’s words they received before to today to compare with God’s words of today. … Those who have religious notions cannot follow the pace of the Holy Spirit’s working, and they will fall behind at every step if they fall behind at one step, because these religious notions cause them to become especially self-right and arrogant. God does not even linger over what he spoke and did before and eliminates them when they are outdated, so can you not drop notions? If you hold on to the words God spoke before, can it prove that you know God’s work? If you cannot accept the present light of the Holy Spirit but hold on to the past light, can it prove that you follow God’s footsteps? Can you still not drop religious notions? Then you will become a person who resists God. … If you want to serve to God’s will, you have to drop religious notions first and right your viewpoint. In the future, there will be many sayings that are not in accord with the past sayings. If now you do not have the will to obey, you won’t be able to walk the future path.” After reading God’s words, I was suddenly enlightened. The reason I couldn’t understand the work arrangement was not that God had done wrong, but that I was too conservative. God’s work is ever new. Even God does not keep what he spoke or did before but discards them when they become outdated, but I confined God’s work to the former light and even measured the light of today against that of the past. Was I a person who keeps up with God’s footsteps? Wasn’t I holding religious notions and resisting God? No, I can’t resist God while believing in God. I must drop the religious notions and seek God’s intention and be a person who intentionally obeys God.

Thank God! When I read the work arrangement again with an obedient heart, I saw from it that God really loves man to an extent. No matter how one behaved before, as long as he is willing to seek today, God will give him a chance to be saved. God’s intention is to save all men with no one to perish. O God, you are indeed righteous. Your heart is so beautiful and so kind! Only you deserve man’s love and worship!

From this experience, I have realized that the more God’s work is against man’s notions, the deeper its significance is. I have also tasted God’s sincerest love for us mankind. From now on, no matter how God’s work changes, I will follow God’s footsteps closely and try to be a person who simply obeys God.

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