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I Will Learn to Solve Problems with the Truth


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I Will Learn to Solve Problems with the Truth

I have just been transferred to a new place to perform duty as the church leader. When I went around the church, I found that the brothers and sisters in one small group (who have accepted this stage of God’s work for a year or so) were very undisciplined at the meeting: One moment this one went to the toilet, and the next another went out; and someone even played with a cat while having the meeting. In particular, I once heard the church assistant report that a sister ate snacks at the meeting. I could not contain my anger, thinking, “It’s too much. How can such a meeting achieve any result? No, I must solve this problem immediately.”

So I went to the life deacon, and in light of the problem I had found when going to the small groups, I fellowshipped with her, saying, “Tell the brothers and sisters, from now on, to go to the toilet before the meetings and try not to go during the meetings; and when listening to the fellowship, to quiet their heart, and not to chat or go out and come in at will, disturbing others’ listening, still less to take snacks….” Several days later, I met the life deacon again. As soon as she saw me, she said, “Get someone to replace me. I’m old and have kidney trouble. Avoid going to the toilet during the meetings I can’t. Before the brothers and sisters I can’t set an example. I’m unfit to perform this duty.” Hearing this, I hastened to explain, “I didn’t know you have the trouble. But that’s not a uniform treatment. Such a special case as yours is an exception….” No matter how I fellowshipped, she still insisted on giving up performing this duty. On my way home, I felt extremely upset. “What’s all this about? Concerning the problem arising in the church, to discipline them is not good, but not to discipline them is not good either. What should I do?” Helpless, I prayed to God silently in my heart, “O God, I know it is your love for me that such a matter has come upon me. Although I feel reluctant to accept it, I am willing to obey. May you inspire and guide me so that I can understand your intention.” After I got home, under God’s guidance, I opened The Summary of Christ’s Preachings and Conversations to the man’s fellowship attached and read these words: “…be able to solve problems with the truth. Only when a worker achieves this degree will he be a qualified worker and be able to serve God formally. This is because only by solving problems with the truth can one achieve the result of leading people to know God, obey God, and worship God. … If you make some regulations for people…, can this solve the fundamental problem? Can they keep such regulations? Only if you take out God’s words of disclosing man’s inherent nature and make people know them clearly and then point out the way in which people should practice, can they … understand the truth and know how to conduct themselves. Only this is resolving the problem and supplying life.” After I read these words, my heart was brightened all at once: The sister became passive and unwilling to perform the duty because I did not solve the problem with the truth, but merely handled it with human methods and regulations. God let me be a leader for the purpose that I will solve the problems with the truth, fellowship with the brothers and sisters about God’s will and God’s requirements for man, and enable them to truly know themselves, understand God’s will, and then practice according to God’s word, so that I can make them know God and obey God and worship God, bringing them before God. Today, when the brothers and sisters acted unrestrainedly at the meetings, I should have fellowshipped with them about the truths concerning worshipping God and being pious, which man should enter into, so that they could have fear of God and that because of having knowledge of God they could rebel against the flesh and restrict their behavior. However, I did not fellowship with them about the truths but merely made the regulations for them to observe rigidly. As a result, it not only did not take effect, but instead caused the sister to become passive and unwilling to perform the duty because of being unable to observe the regulations. Was I solving the problem with the truth? My working in such a way not only could not bring benefit to the life of the brothers and sisters, but it hindered them from knowing God and worshipping God. How could such service of mine put God’s heart at ease?

O God, thank you for your exposing. It has made me realize my lack in service, and made me understand that only if a leader has learned to solve problems with the truth can he be fit for you to use and can he bring people before you. O God, I lack too much now, but I am willing to cooperate with you. I will try to equip myself with more truths and at the same time exercise to solve problems with the truth, and bring all the brothers and sisters before you to comfort your heart.

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