I Will Never Again Compliment Others

I coordinated with one sister in revising the communication articles on life experience. Not long ago, God’s family transferred from elsewhere another sister to perform this duty together with us.

One day, the former sister and I were analyzing an article. After analyzing it for quite a while, we were still unclear about which aspect of truth the writer wanted to interpret, and thus we were at a loss how to revise it. Right then, the new sister came back from outside. She took the article, read it, and pointed out the core idea of it. I pondered what she said and found that it was so indeed. Then I said to her without thinking, “You’re terrific! We two have analyzed the article for quite a while but failed to make head or tail of it. When you came to it, the problem was cleared up immediately.” At my words, the sister smiled without saying anything.

In the following days, whenever the sister achieved some results in the work, I complimented her explicitly or implicitly, either saying that she had good quality or that she knew more than me and was superior to me. Gradually, the sister’s state became somewhat abnormal; even the obvious problems she couldn’t find out, and besides, she was always sleepy. Though I saw her thus, I did not know what the matter with her was. Later, through fellowshipping with her, I came to know that she lived in the state of being pleased with herself because I often complimented her. Only then did I realize that I spoke without principle and complimented her indiscreetly, which caused her to have lost the working of the Holy Spirit.

So, I opened Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers and read this passage of God’s word: “You are all experts in awarding crowns, granting crowns and empty titles to others every day. As a result, you have harmed them…. After being complimented this way by you, they all become proud and are complacent all day…. How many such evil things have you done? You cannot supply others with life and do not know how to dissect others’ states, but only know to put crowns on them. The result is that you have brought them to ruin. Don’t you know that corrupt people cannot withstand compliments? Even when not complimented, they are tremendously cocky, their tails sticking high up in the air. After being complimented this way, won’t they die faster?

God’s words of judgment pricked my heart and made me feel remorse and self-reproach for my actions and behavior. In retrospect, in this period when we coordinated with the sister, I simply became an expert in awarding crowns. I complimented her frequently, either saying that she had good quality or that she knew more and was superior to us. In doing so, I was not loving her but was purely harming her and pushing her toward the road to death. We, who are the ones deeply corrupted by satan, do not have anything praiseworthy at all. Today she could see clearly the problems in the articles, which was the result achieved by the working of the Holy Spirit. However, because of my ignorance and blindness, I actually gave all glory to her. As a corrupt person, she already thought herself capable when she achieved results in her work. My complimenting that way made her think even more that she was great. As a result, she lived in the state of being pleased with herself and lost the working of the Holy Spirit; her normal entering was disturbed, her life suffered loss, and at the same time the work of God’s family was delayed. Wasn’t I doing evil?

O God, thank you for your inspiration. It has made me realize the serious consequences of complimenting others indiscreetly, and also made me see that I was too devoid of principles in my speaking. From now on, I will control my tongue, and no matter what I say, I will first come before you to seek. And I will take the word “do not do anything that does not benefit the life of brothers and sisters, do not say any word that does not edify others” as the principle of my practice, and pursue to become a person who has the truth and principles in speaking and doing things.

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