I Will Never Again Force Others to Do What They Cannot Do

Not long after the work arrangement “The Church Can Preach the Gospel to a Portion of the Pagans” came, my husband came before God. Several months passed, but I found that he had little transformation and some of his bad habits still had not been gotten rid of. In particular, I saw that he did not initiatively pray or eat and drink God’s word but always required my urging. So I got angry with him and spoke to him bluntly. I always criticized him, saying that he did this improperly or did that wrongly. However, my husband often could not take my words. Thus, we two often quarreled. My state became increasingly bad, and gradually, I sank into darkness.

One day, I read God’s words: “…all my requirements for people are within a proper boundary. If I made the same requirement of all people that they must attain to the same stature, as you imagine, it would not work! That is forcing people to do what they cannot do. It is man’s principle of working but not God’s. God works according to people’s actual situations and their original qualities.

God’s words put me to shame. God does his work within a proper boundary. He does not place too high or uniform requirements upon people, but he works on people according to their actual situations and original qualities and his requirements are what people can meet with a little effort. However impossible, poor in quality, and numb people are, God is doing the work of salvation untiringly with his extraordinary patience. The pagans converted today merely believe that there is a God, but they know nothing about the matter of believing in God or about spiritual living and are unclear about God’s work of today. So, I need to have more patience and love and lead them gradually into good practices. However, I set a high standard for my husband and put strict demands on him according to my own ideas and my emotion, and when I saw he had little transformation, I began to rebuke and lecture him. In all that I did, I was not leading him into the reality of God’s word, but was, by my naturalness and flesh, treating him and making requirements of him with some strong practices and according the standard of my own requirements. My doing so was not satisfying God, and even less was it after God’s heart.

Thank God for his exposing. It has made me realize that although I have followed God for years, I still have no entering in working; I did not know to sustain and water people patiently according to their situations, but always forced them to do what they could not do.

From now on, whatever I do, I will take God’s word as the standard and no longer make too high demands on others. I will help the brothers and sisters with love and patience, and enter the right track of believing in God together with them.

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