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I Will Never Again Work According to My Own Ideas


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I Will Never Again Work According to My Own Ideas

Once, the leader fellowshipped with us about the gospel-preaching principle in the work arrangement: “Actually, the people we have gained come mainly from the relationship network of the new believers…. After all, the proportion of the people gained not through the relationship network is small. So, it is most worthwhile that you spend more time and effort on the relationship network of the new believers….” I thought to myself: The new believers have not yet been quite certain about the gospel; will it do to preach the gospel through them? There’s a risk of losing them…. As I harbored resistance to the principle, I did not apply it at all, but still used the old means. Though the leader repeatedly fellowshipped with me and asked me to preach the gospel according to the principle in the work arrangement, I still did not think that the “relationship network of the new believers” worked.

Three months passed in a flash. In each of the months, our second-line team only gained several people, whereas other second-line teams all gained dozens by use of the “relationship network of the new believers.” Only then did I realize that there was something wrong with my knowledge and I had hindered the gospel work. Afterward, I opened the book of God’s word and read this word: “If people who serve God act according to their disposition and their own will, they will be in danger of being eliminated at any time.” Then, in The Manual of the Principles for the Church Work, I read these words: “To do the work of serving God is not to do the work of your own but to do the work committed by God. Since you do the work committed by God, you must do it according to God’s requirements so that you can satisfy God’s heart’s desire.” “… If you do the work of God’s family according to your own ideas, you will definitely disrupt God’s work and can never achieve the results God requires. If you work that way, won’t you become one who serves God and yet resists God?” After reading God’s word and the manual, I recalled my doings in the three months. Only then did I realize the serious consequences of my working against the work arrangement and according to my own ideas. I could not help feeling fear. The work arrangement clearly requires us to spend more time and effort on the relationship network of the new believers, but I stuck to my own view all along, thinking that the “relationship network” was unworkable, and so I refused to use it. I was really too arrogant and self-right and had no sense at all. God knows best how to make more people be saved and the gospel work better spread. However, I went so far as to act as a counselor for God. Despite the leader’s repeated reminding, I still did not wake up but was stiff-necked and went my own way, working according to my own ideas. In what I did, I was not at all performing my duty but was simply disrupting and disturbing God’s work as a servant of satan. How could such a person as me, who disobeyed and resisted God, not be loathed by God? And how could I receive God’s blessing? At this thought, I fell down directly before God and prayed to him: “O God, because I was arrogant and self-right and did not carry out your will, I have brought a great loss to the gospel work. However, you have not treated me according to my transgression and still give me the opportunity to perform my duty. O God, thank you for your tolerance to me. I’m willing to drop my own ideas and make a fresh start. I’ll do the gospel work strictly according to the work arrangement.”

Then, I immediately fellowshipped anew about the work arrangement with the brothers and sisters, and together with them I concentrated on the “relationship network of the new believers.” … A month later, our team also gained more than twenty people. At this time, I even more hated my disobedience, arrogance, and resistance. I could not help making a resolution inwardly: O God, in my future performing duty, I will take this as a warning, do the work strictly according to the requirements in the work arrangements, and never again work according to my own ideas.

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