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I Will No Longer Be a Slave to Money


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I Will No Longer Be a Slave to Money

After I accepted the work of Almighty God, though in name I believed in and followed Almighty God, yet in reality I never paid attention to God’s word, even less did I know God or the work God did in the end time. All day long I bustled about for money. Out of zealousness, I contributed 30 yuan every month. And I thought that by doing so I had performed my duty and been faithful to God.

Not long ago, my job was suddenly taken by someone else. I turned the matter over and over in my mind but could not figure out why: I’ve had this job for several years; how come it has been taken? It’s strange. And in my heart I kept complaining against God: God, don’t you rule over all things in the universe? Why have you allowed such an unlucky thing to come upon me? I contributed every month; were you still not satisfied? Now I’ve lost my job; what can I have to contribute! For a long time, I was stuck in this state and just could not come out of it. And every time I prayed, I complained against God like that.

One day, I unconsciously opened the book of God’s word and came across these words: “What I want are not your notions or your thoughts, even less your money or possessions. I want your heart, you understand? This is what I desire, and even more what I want to gain. Man always uses his own mind and notions to measure me and uses his own yardstick to measure my stature. This is where man is most difficult to deal with, and is what I hate and loathe most….

God’s majestic and wrathful words struck me a powerful counterblow so that I suddenly woke up. What God wants is not my money or possessions, but my heart. However, I gave my heart entirely to money and to satan. And I erroneously thought that as long as I contributed every month, I had performed my duty and been faithful to God. Little did I know that the work God does in the end time is different from his past works. If one believes in God but does not treasure God’s word and God’s work, does not pay attention to his life entering, and does not pay attention to practicing God’s requirements, then his belief is a religious belief, and he is an unbeliever and can never receive God’s approval. Since this is the case, by following God in my way of believing in God, what could I gain in the end? Wouldn’t I definitely be one who will be destroyed and perish? Thus, when this circumstance comes upon me today without reason, it contains God’s good purpose, it is that God is concerned and worried about my life, and even more, it is God’s love and salvation for me. Because God’s six-thousand-year management plan is ending, God does not have the heart to see me, whom he has been saving with painstaking efforts for many years, continue to be deceived and afflicted by satan and finally fall into the disasters rarely seen in thousands of years. Instead, God eagerly hopes that when there is so little time left, I can do my best to pursue the truth and life, keep up with the pace of God’s work, and turn my heart to God, so that I can receive God’s approval. Regretfully, I did not understand God’s kind intention of saving me. When God arranged the circumstance to cut off my way to the world, I repaid God with only my complaints. How ignorant and foolish and absurd I was! I really have grieved God too much. If God had not set the circumstance in time to save me, and then inspired me by his words in time to correct my absurd viewpoint and make me understand his intention and know how to practice according to his intention, I would be ruined by my blindness, ignorance, and absurdness and would entirely lose the opportunity to be saved.

Thinking of that, I shed tears and felt very remorseful. I fell before God: O God, thank you for exposing and inspiring me, and even more for your love and salvation for me. From now on, I don’t want to be a slave to money anymore. I only desire to come before you, with my whole heart and whole being, to equip myself with more truths, pay attention to my life entering, pursue to have my nature transformed, pursue to know you, and do my best to fulfill my duty as a created being, so as to satisfy your heart.


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