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I Will No Longer Be Perfunctory


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I Will No Longer Be Perfunctory

In the work of transferring information notes (information notes about new believers who were not locals), I had always been perfunctory and gave it no importance. A few days ago, there were five information notes and I only skimmed through them and then sent them away without checking in detail.

One day, the sister responsible for transferring the notes told me: “Our information notes have all been returned, and we are asked to write them all over again. And there’s a note for you, which says that in the place where you once worked there were also some notes returned and asks you whether you had checked them carefully.” At these words, I got irritated and thought: There were only a few notes. It’s enough to give the general information! It is really troublesome to send the notes back and forth! In my opinion, in future we’d better not preach the gospel to the outcomers whose home are not here and that will save us the trouble. Just like this, I not only didn’t try to know myself, but was full of complaints. Having no choice, I checked these information notes in detail all over again, and also asked the sister to make certain of the telephone number in each note. I didn’t expect that the sister, after making the phone calls, came back and told me: “Some of them said, ‘Why has no one come to contact us yet? We are anxious to death.’ Some said, ‘How long do we still have to wait?’ Still some said ‘We’re thirsty!’ and then began to cry.”

Hearing her words, I felt much reproached in my heart. So I came before God to examine myself. Then I opened Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers, and I read these words in the man’s fellowship attached: “Those who are always perfunctory have no conscience and reason and much less have a heart of loving God and satisfying God. …one is absent-minded, muddled, and indifferent in performing his duty. He treats his duty lightly and carelessly without trying to achieve results, and is content with merely having it finished. He expends no effort, makes no deep studies, and pays no price…. Such a person has no humanity. Since his heart is too black, too muddled, and too bad, he is eliminated by God and receives the retribution from God. … Now is the golden time for people to perform their duties and is exactly the time to reveal people. Those who are always perfunctory are too bad by nature and they are trouble-makers and have no value for being perfected at all. They spend too much money but do too few things, and thus become parasites to be hated by God.”

Having read these words and recalling my attitude toward the transferring of the information notes, I felt an awful cut in the heart. As a member of God’s family, I have enjoyed God’s rich supply of life and endless grace. Normally, I ought to take each of my commission from God as my sacred responsibility and bounden mission and perform my duty faithfully with all my might, thereby requiting God’s love. In the commission of transferring information notes, however, I never considered how to be responsible for these souls to care for God’s heart, but had always been perfunctory and unserious. And even when the information notes were returned, I not only did not examine myself, but on the contrary I wanted to give up preaching to the outcomers in order to save myself the trouble. My heart was really too black, too muddled, and too bad! As I was so perfunctory, I not only had wasted the manpower, resources, and money of God’s family, but also brought the consequence that the brothers and sisters might be ruined at any time because of lacking timely shepherding. I simply became a scum of God’s family! If I don’t turn back, how will I not be eliminated by God and receive the retribution from God?

At the thought of that, I could not help feeling afraid, and immediately I came before God and prayed: “O God, in transferring information notes I was always careless and perfunctory, and thus brought losses both to the interests of God’s family and the life of the brothers and sisters. According to my attitude toward the commission I really deserve your curse, but you still give me an opportunity to turn back. I am willing to return to you and make this resolution: I will take your commission to me as my own duty, and be careful and responsible in the transferring of information notes so that the brothers and sisters can receive timely shepherding, so as to cooperate with you properly in your work of saving man on earth.”

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