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I Will No longer Deceive God


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I Will No longer Deceive God

I performed the duty of hosting in God’s family. Those whom I hosted were all the brothers and sisters in charge of the work, so I was very glad and also felt very proud. I thought to myself, “One day when God’s work ends, these people will surely be ‘high-ranking officials’ in God’s family. At that time, they’ll certainly remember how I host them today, and thus I’ll surely receive benefits from them.” So, I did my best to host these leading brothers and sisters, making them eat and drink well and looking after them well in every way, lest I offend them with a little carelessness and thus bring harm to my future. But I had never realized that my doings were a kind of deceit.

One day, I read these words in the man’s fellowship: “As for some people, if the President of their country, the governor of their province, or the head of their county visits their homes, they will also try to win his favor by licking his boots, serving him good food and drink, giving him petty gifts, and speaking honeyed words. Don’t you think these means and practices are corruptions? Aren’t they practices of deceiving and disobeying God? Since you (and everyone else as well) can do that to a person you adore, will you not try to win Christ’s favor and trust by these tricks? I say you certainly will.”

After reading them, I examined my state. Aren’t these words directed at me? I hosted the brothers and sisters not for loving and satisfying God and fulfilling my duty as a created being, but for my ulterior purpose. I thought that if I hosted these leaders well, in the future when they became “high-ranking officials,” I would receive more benefits. So, I tried to please them and make them feel at home. Did I not do hosting by this contemptible philosophy of life? Since I did this to men today, if some day Christ should come to my home, I would use the same means to win God’s trust. As God’s word says: “People are all living in corruption and under the hand of the evil one, so not many of those who follow me thirst for the truth. In other words, most of them do not worship me with a true heart or worship me in truth, but try to win my trust by their corruption and disobedience and by deceptive means.” Only then did I see that, in doing hosting I was not performing my duty with a sincere heart, but was doing a deal, was making an exchange, and was trying to win men’s trust and favor by deceptive means. My base intent was thoroughly exposed to the light of God. I put to use in God’s family the tricks of serving officials I learned from the great red dragon; did I not regard God’s family as society? How could my practice, conduct, intent, and purpose not be disgusting and loathsome to God?

O God, from now on, I will correct my deviation, pursue the truth with all my might, and get rid of my wrong intent within, no longer making a deal with you or performing my duty by deceptive means. I will host the brothers and sisters with a sincere heart and perform my duty properly to satisfy you.

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