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I Will No Longer Live in My Imagination


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I Will No Longer Live in My Imagination

After I accepted this stage of the work of Almighty God, whenever I saw the children of some brothers and sisters performed their duties expending themselves for God, I envied them very much. Later, when the gospel work was spread to the unbelievers, I preached the gospel to my daughter and she accepted it. When I saw that my daughter could also expend her whole being for God, I was very happy. I thought: As long as I support my daughter letting her perform her duty devotedly away from home, I can gain benefit from her. Hereafter I needn’t pursue very hard, because from my relationship with her I’ll surely be saved in the future when she is saved. With such a thought, I no longer performed my duty as actively as before, but spent all my time taking care of my own family.

One day, during my spiritual devotions, I read these words in the book of God’s word: “If a person can remain alive in the end, it will be because he has met God’s requirements. If a person cannot remain alive in the final rest, it will be because he himself has disobeyed God and has failed to satisfy God’s requirements. Every person will have a fitting destination, and this destination will be decided according to his own substance and have nothing to do with others at all. Children’s evil deeds cannot be added unto their parents, and parents cannot share in the righteousness of their children. Parents’ evil deeds cannot be added unto their children, and children cannot share in the righteousness of their parents. Each person will bear his own sins and each person will enjoy his own blessings, and no one can take the place of anyone else. This is righteousness. In man’s eyes, if parents receive blessings, their children will be able to receive blessings, and if children do evil, their parents will have to be punished in their stead. This is man’s will and man’s practice, not God’s will.

God’s words roused me suddenly. Actually, whether a person can be saved is determined according to whether his actions and behavior have met God’s requirements for men; and it has nothing to do with others at all. Even the children and their parents cannot replace each other, because God is righteous and he will repay each person according to what he has done. However, I didn’t have any knowledge of God’s righteous nature. I had been living in my own imaginations and believing in God according to my own ideas. I thought that as long as I offered up my daughter to God so that she could expend herself for God, I could benefit from my relationship with her and could also be saved in the future even if I didn’t perform my duty to satisfy God. My viewpoint was really absurd and ridiculous to the extreme!

Now inspired by God’s words, I know that whether I can be saved and survive in the future depends on whether I myself can meet God’s requirements, and it has nothing to do with my daughter’s expending and good deeds. But because I had that absurd viewpoint, every day I only knew to be busy with and think about the matters of my family and the flesh, paying no attention to expending efforts on each of God’s requirements nor pursuing to meet them in my practical life. So, even though I support my daughter in her performing duty away from home for her to prepare enough good deeds, in the end I will still receive the righteous punishment from God because I myself have not met God’s requirements.

From now on, I will no longer live in my imagination. I will strive to understand and know God’s righteous nature as much as I can, spend more effort on the requirements of the truth, pursue actively to satisfy God in my daily practical life, and fulfill the duty I should fulfill, so as to be perfected and saved by God.

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