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I Will No Longer Maintain Fleshly Relationship With Others


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I Will No Longer Maintain Fleshly Relationship With Others

Because of the need of the work, I was transferred to a place to be the church assistant. When I just got here, the local church leader asked the small-district assistant, “What is he here for?” The assistant said, “He’s come to cooperate in the church work.” At this time, from the church leader’s tone and facial expression, I sensed her fear that I came to take over her work. Then I became nervous in my heart: You must not think that I come to take your “position.” I’m a new comer; we’d better foster a good relationship first. So, I hastened to explain to her, “I come to lead the small groups. Let’s help and complement each other, and rely on God to do the church work well together.” Since then, I had been careful to maintain my relationship with the church leader.

Half a month later, unexpectedly, God’s family really assigned me to be the church leader. This put me in a quandary: If I accept it, the former church leader and the life deacon may have a bad opinion of me, but I refuse it, I am resisting and disobeying God. What should I do? When I could not make up my mind, God’s words inspired me: “If you do not have a normal relationship with God, regardless of how you maintain your relationship with people, however hard you try and however much effort you make, it is practicing human philosophies of life, and you are maintaining your position among people according to human viewpoints and by human philosophies so that they will compliment you, but not building a normal relationship with them according to God’s word. If you do not pay attention to your relationship with people but maintain a normal relationship with God, being willing to give your heart to God and learning to obey God, naturally your relationship with all people will be normal.

The inspiration of God’s words made me realize that I had no place for God in my heart. I did not pay attention to building a normal relationship with God, but tried to get along with the brothers and sisters by my own goodness and philosophy of life and preserve my image in their heart. I was afraid of offending them, and in order to build a good fleshly relationship with them, I even wanted to refuse the commission of God’s family. Am I a person who cares for God’s burden and obeys God? Am I not one who disobeys God and is hated by God? Only then did I see that I resisted God in all my doings, had my own intent and purpose in my every move, considered for myself in every respect, and had no truth in everything I did. At the same time, I also saw that I was one who lacked common sense and I did not understand God’s will at all. In my opinion, if I accepted this assignment to be the church leader, I would offend the sisters and hurt their feelings. My viewpoint was too absurd! Little did I know that whether God’s family uses or disuses a person, there is God’s good purpose in it, and it is an opportunity God gives him to be perfected and is God’s love and salvation for him. Thank God for his inspiration. I will no longer maintain my fleshly relationship with others. I will care for God’s burden and submit to the arrangement of God’s family.

When I corrected my viewpoint and accepted the commission and cooperated with it, the two sisters did not act in the way as I had imagined. On the contrary, we three coordinated very harmoniously and we often prayed together in one accord for the church work. Faced with the fact, I felt all the more ashamed and guilty. I saw that my viewpoint was of satan and against God. I also deeply realized that only when I have a normal relationship with God can I have a normal relationship with people. In future, I will never again practice philosophy of life to be loathed by God; I will seek the truth in everything and practice according to the principles in the word of God.

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