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I Will No Longer Observe Regulations Rigidly


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I Will No Longer Observe Regulations Rigidly

Some time ago, God’s family assigned me to water a new pagan believer. When I read, in the principle of caring for the new pagan believers, that in watering the new believers one should talk with them about the distinctions between the true God and false gods in the first three months and lead them to enter into God’s word in the second three months, I thought, “No problem. So long as I lead the new believer according to the principle, I can surely lead him onto the right track.” Then, I fellowshipped with the new believer according to the content and the progress schedule required in the principle. This new believer, however, was very quick on the uptake and soon gained some knowledge and discernment about the true God and false gods. And he kept seeking and asking what belief in God was about and how he should pursue. But, I considered that as he had believed for less than three months, I could not lead him to enter into God’s word. So I fellowshipped with him again about the previous topics. Somehow, his enthusiasm gradually became less than before, and later he even said that he had no time and did not want to believe anymore. At this word, I became bewildered: He was in a good state a few days ago; how come he changed so soon?

When I felt puzzled about that, I read in the man’s fellowship these words: “A person who observers regulations will surely say that obedience to God is to be docile, to go east if God says ‘go east’ and go west if God says ‘go west.’ Hence, his practice is to observe this regulation….” “A person who truly knows how to serve God can see others’ deficiencies clearly, and he knows what to supply to different people and where to begin and how to solve their problems completely…. A person who truly knows how to serve God fellowships about the truth without regulations and does not disregard the specific conditions….”

Reading here, I was suddenly enlightened and found the root of the problem. The principles and arrangements God’s family made are a direction and guide for our performing duties; they are made in order to achieve a certain result in us, and they are not regulations for us to observe. However, I did not seek God’s will and did not understand what result the requirement in the principle aims to achieve; I merely observed its superficiality and applied the principle and arrangement mechanically. Actually, since the new believer had known some distinctions between the true God and false gods, it was about time to lead him to enter into God’s word. But I did not treat him differently and fellowship about the truth with him according to his state; instead, I rigidly observed the three-month schedule given in the principle. As a result, he did not want to believe anymore because I did not give him timely watering according to his need. Wasn’t all this the consequence brought by my not understanding God’s will but merely observing the regulation in performing my duty? I was really too foolish and ignorant!

O God, thank you for your exposing. It has made me see that I lacked too much and always observed regulations in working, with the result that I have brought losses to the work of your family. From now on, I will draw a lesson and no longer observe regulations rigidly; I will seek the truth and seek your will in everything, and do my faithfulness in my duty to satisfy you.

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