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I Will Spend Effort on Practicing the Truth


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I Will Spend Effort on Practicing the Truth

Over the years since I accepted God’s new work, I never spent effort on practicing the truth, nor did I know the importance of practicing the truth. I only paid attention to eating and drinking God’s word. Especially when the leader came to have a meeting with us, I tried not to go out of the room for fear that I would miss some of what was fellowshipped. But gradually I found that, though I felt quite brightened and had unfailing strength and great resolution when hearing the fellowship at every meeting, yet before such a condition could last a few days, I forgot the fellowship and my resolution and strength disappeared completely. And again I lived in passivity and weakness and some difficulties. But I did not know what the cause was.

One day, I read these several passages of God’s word: “…no matter how much you eat and drink God’s word, you only feel peace and enjoyment in your spirit and feel that God’s word is very sweet and feel as if you cannot enjoy enough of it, but you do not have any practical experience of God’s word and do not have any reality of God’s word, what can you gain through believing in God like this? If you cannot live out the substance of God’s word, your eating and drinking or praying is of religious belief. Such a person cannot be perfected or be gained.” “Why does God always require you to practice God’s word after understanding it? It shows that after God has revealed his word to you, then you need to practice it. When you practice it, God will then do a work of inspiring and guiding you. Thus the whole thing will be accomplished.” “The purpose of fellowshipping clearly about the truth is that people can practice the truth and gain transformation in their nature. It is not merely to let people be happy for a moment. If you have understood the truth but do not practice it, then it is pointless to fellowship about and understand the truth. If you have understood the truth and yet do not practice it, you will lose the opportunity to gain the truth and lose all the opportunities to be saved. If you practice the truth you have understood, you will receive more and deeper truths, receive God’s salvation, and receive the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, enlightenment, and guidance.

God’s words made me see light suddenly. Always I felt quite brightened after hearing a fellowship but became darkened in a few days, because I did not practice the truth. God makes me understand some truths through the fellowship at every meeting, and then he arranges some circumstances to lead me into these truths. I have to seek God’s intention in the actual circumstances and enter into these truths under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that I can gain the transformation in my nature and gain the reality of these truths, and that by practicing these truths and by the Holy Spirit’s working I can maintain in a normal state. However, whether I ate and drank God’s word or listened to fellowship at the meetings, my purpose was not to practice the truth, nor had I ever intended to spend effort on practicing the truth; I was content only to be enlightened and brightened, to be happy and energetic, and to have my state corrected. When God arranged circumstances for me to enter into the truths, I had early forgotten the truths I understood, acted completely according to my own ideas, and did not have any practice of the truth, causing the Holy Spirit to have no way to work on me. Consequently, I always lived in an abnormal state, not to mention having life entering and transformation in my nature. Only then did I realize that if I understand the truth but do not practice it, then my understanding of the truth will be meaningless and I will lose the opportunity to gain the truth. In this way, no matter how many years I may believe in God, my belief is a religious belief; I won’t gain any transformation in my nature, even less be perfected and saved; I will only end up being eliminated.

O God, thank you that the inspiration of your words has caused me to realize the meaning of understanding the truth and the serious consequence of not practicing the truth. From now on, I will spend more efforts on practicing the truth and that perseveringly, and be a person who truly loves the truth, so that I can gain transformation in my nature and be saved by you.

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