If One’s Old Viewpoint on Things Is Not Changed He Will Resist God

I often heard the leader fellowship: If one’s viewpoint on things is changed, he can be in harmony with God; if one’s old viewpoint on things is not changed, he is very prone to resist God. At this, I felt very puzzled: One’s viewpoint on things means his opinions, evaluations, and attitudes concerning various things; how can it be related to resisting God? I just could not figure it out. Not until in a practical experience did I realize that it was indeed so.

After the work arrangement of preaching the gospel to the pagans came, I had a mind to preach God’s end-time gospel to my husband’s nephews and nieces (because they all believe there is a God and they also have a fairly good humanity). But then I thought: Ever since my husband died, I have been out of contact with them for more than two years. What’s more, I am their senior. They do not come and see me, but I go and call on them at their houses. Does this stand to reason? I can’t go to preach to them. Hence, I did not go to preach the gospel to them.

One day, during my spiritual devotions, in the man’s fellowship attached to Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers, I read this passage: “If one’s old, decadent viewpoints on things and principles of doing things are not changed, his life nature is definitely not transformed either. This is absolutely true. … I see that now most believers in God differ little from the pagans in viewpoint on things. They hold different viewpoints only on the matter whether there is a God; on most of the other things they hold identical viewpoints. Therefore, though most people believe in God and have read God’s word, they have not gained the truth. If there is no truth in one’s viewpoint on things, he is certainly a person who resists God. No matter how zealously he believes in God, he absolutely cannot be in harmony with God. If a person’s viewpoint on most things is against God’s word, then it can be said that he does not have any truth or any reality. If a person has believed in God for a few years but still does not have any entering and his viewpoint on things is still the same as the pagans’, surely he is not a pursuer of the truth, and surely he is one to be eliminated.”

Reading here, I immediately thought of the matter of preaching the gospel to the pagans. God’s intention is to save every one of mankind to the utmost, and now the gospel work has been spread to the pagans. How God hopes that we can care for his intention and rise up to cooperate with him and bring back to his family those who can be saved. In God’s eyes, all men are created beings and there is no difference of high and low between them. But I looked at the matter from the worldly viewpoint, thinking that “an elder should not initiatively go and see his juniors.” Thus, I was unwilling to preach the gospel to my relatives. Was I not resisting God? Is there any truth in my viewpoint? Is there anything in it that is in harmony with God? Compared with the worldly people, I have nothing more except a “belief.” If I continue like this, I will surely be eliminated and punished by God because of resisting God.

O God, thank you for your inspiration and enlightenment. It has made me realize that my viewpoint on things is against the truth. I am willing to correct my viewpoint and care for your intention and exert my utmost to carry out your will.

The following day, I went to the family of one of my husband’s nephews to preach the gospel to them. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, they couple accepted God’s end-time gospel happily. In the face of the fact, I truly realized that if one’s viewpoint on things is not in accordance with God’s word, he will surely resist God. From now on, I will equip myself with more truths and exercise to view people and things in light of God’s word, so that my viewpoint can be in accordance with God’s word soon and that I can be gained and saved by God.

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