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I’ll Never Again Do the Work in a “New” Way


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I’ll Never Again Do the Work in a “New” Way

I am a church leader. One day, my leader assigned our church the gospel quota of this month: to bring 6 religious people and 10 unbelievers to Almighty God. Hearing that, I thought the amount of work was quite great, and my heart was greatly oppressed. The gospel deacon is always restrained by her family and sometimes the life deacon got some gospel clues but could not hand it over to the gospel deacon because of failing to find her. If this state continues, how can we achieve the gospel quota? Ay! What should I do? … I turned this over and over in my mind, and suddenly I got a “smart” idea: Simply divide all the people in the church who attend meetings into four groups. Of the four persons—my assistant, the life deacon, the gospel deacon, and I, each take charge of one group respectively. Each group is responsible for its own church life, gospel work, the work of writing communication articles on life experience, security, and so on. The gospel quota is to be shared by these four groups. When the work is assigned to each individual this way, everyone will have his own work to do and also have a burden. Besides, this will save me a lot of worries, and I needn’t run around busily. The results of the work will surely be good. Yes! I will do it this way.

After I returned to the church, I allotted the work to the brothers and sisters according to my plan. Then each group started, respectively, to search for the gospel clues, preach the gospel and sustain the new believers. In a twinkling, half a month passed. Several people were won in the gospel work, but because each group’s watering work couldn’t keep up with that and the works in other aspects were all messed up, my assistant and the deacons became passive and they all had critical views of me. In the face of all this, I became like a deflated ball, and my initial enthusiasm disappeared totally.

In pain, I came before God and prayed to him: “O God, now our church was almost in a paralyzed state. And there are few results achieved in the gospel work. The brothers and sisters all have become passive. I don’t know in which aspect I have done something against your intention. May you inspire and guide me.”

After the prayer, my heart gradually calmed down and then I listened to the hymns. I heard hymn 407 from God’s word “The Three Things a Leader Should Remember”: “The second thing you should remember is this: Never act in your own way or do things according to your own will or your own preferences. You should have fear of God and do the work strictly according to the work arrangements. If you truly want to be serious with the work and want to satisfy God and make him have trust in you, you have to treat every item in the work arrangements seriously, spend effort on them, and exert all your effort to carry them out. Treat every item in the work arrangements seriously seriously. Be sure to remember this.

I suddenly woke up. Actually, my work had no results and the brothers and sisters all became passive and this was because I did the work against the work arrangement. The work arrangement clearly defines the work responsibilities of the church leader and the deacons and requires the church leaders to help guide their deacons’ work and often pray to God together with them so as to be in one accord. However, I showed no regard for God’s requirements for me but racked my brains to adopt “new” approach. I arbitrarily divided the church into four groups and had each deacon take charge of all the works in his group. As a result, the church got into a mess, the brothers and sisters became passive and weak, and a loss was brought to the work of God’s family.

Exposed by God, I saw that I really held no respect for God and was too arrogant and conceited. Without the timely inspiration and guidance of God’s words, I would continue to resist God by my own ideas. In that case, the consequences would be disastrous.

The next day, I immediately called the deacons together and made clear the work responsibilities of each of us according to the work arrangements. Then we prayed to God together in one accord that we were willing to do the work by the work arrangements, and made a resolution that we would do our utmost to do the work in the second half of the month so as to make up for the previous loss. By the end of the month, we saw God’s blessing: 9 religious people and 16 unbelievers were brought to Almighty God, and the works in other aspects were restored to normal as well.

Through this matter, I have deeply experienced this: Only if one works according to each item of the work arrangements can he truly serve to God’s will and receive God’s approval. By his own good intention and zealousness, one will only disrupt and disturb God’s work and hinder God’s will from being carried out. I will bear this lesson in mind forever, and never again do the work by my own ideas or in a “new” way. No matter in what circumstances, I will firmly believe the correctness of the work arrangements, and on every commission God gives to me, I will absolutely act according to the requirements in the work arrangements and serve God properly and honestly.

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