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In the Exposing I Saw that I Was Too Lacking in Humanity


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In the Exposing I Saw that I Was Too Lacking in Humanity

I host two brothers in my home. One day, one of the brothers became passive because he achieved no results in performing his duty. As soon as he came back, he threw himself onto the kang. When I saw this, I got angry, thinking, “Why do you become passive? You are really good for nothing not to perform your duty properly! …” A string of thoughts about him popped up within me.

The second-line director perceived that I had an ill opinion of that brother, so he said to me, “When does one need help?” At this word, I got angrier, thinking, “The passive one is justified!” Then, the director found a passage of God’s word for me to read: “When a brother or a sister is weak, you shall not loathe him, hate him, laugh at him, or pull a long face at him. If you can minister to him, you may try to fellowship with him. … Such things do not necessarily have to be done by the church leaders. Every brother and sister has the responsibility to do such work. When you see that a brother or a sister is in a bad state, you may go and visit him. This is the responsibility of everyone.” After reading God’s words, I came to understand that God hopes we brothers and sisters, when staying together, can love each other, sympathize with each other’s weaknesses, and give each other much understanding. However, when the brother became passive and weak, I discriminated against him and looked down on him, feeling no sympathy for him. I am really too arrogant and too lacking in humanity. On reflection, in the course of my following God, many times when I was passive and weak, it was God’s word that gave me strength and gave me the motivation to go forward; many times when I was disheartened and disappointed, it was God’s word that encouraged me; many times when I was grief-stricken, it was God’s word that consoled me…. In the face of me who was fragile and lacked perseverance, God never rejected me, but instead he forbore with me with his broad heart and encouraged and sustained me again and again with his great love. Thinking of these, I saw more clearly that I was too low in humanity and did not have any understanding or love for the brothers and sisters. O God, thank you that your exposing has made me see my ugly self, and has also made me understand that in performing the duty of hosting, I not only should safeguard the interests of your family and take good care of the eating and living of the brothers and sisters; we should also help and sustain each other in spirit. O God! From now on, I will be a person who has the truth and humanity, so as to repay your love and comfort your heart.

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