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In the Trial, I Saw God’s Hand


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In the Trial, I Saw God’s Hand

During the more than two years of my following the Almighty God, I have undergone many refinings and trials. But the most unforgettable one is the occasion when my husband had a car accident and died. At that time, it was the Almighty God who stretched out his hand of salvation and released me from despair.

On the early morning of May 31, 2002, my mother called me and said, “Your husband had a car accident. Come quickly.” Putting down the phone, I hurried to the scene of the accident. But my husband had been sent away. When I heard that he was badly injured, my heart sank and I immediately rushed toward the county hospital. On the way, I prayed to God, “O Almighty God, may you keep my heart. No matter what has become of my husband, everything is in your hand. May you give me faith and strength.” Then God inspired me: “It is satan’s temptation. You should have Job’s faith.” After I arrived at the hospital, however, when I learned that my husband had died, I could not help falling into despair. I cried in my heart, “God! He supported me in believing in you. He should not have had this accident. You should even less have let me encounter so great a trial.” I thought more and more and sank deeper and deeper, living in satan’s fooling. I was full of misunderstandings and complaints about God: God, you should not have done so. It’s too much for me. How can I withstand it? In that period, I was always in passivity. But God did not leave me. He inspired me within: “If you have been very faithful and have much love for me all along, but you suffer from the torment of illness, from poverty in life, and from desertion by your relatives and friends, or from any kind of misfortune in life, can your faithfulness to and love for me continue?” God’s words of expectation caused my heart to be touched. God is the Creator, and he has the authority to do anything. I am only a tiny creature in God’s hand; what reason do I have for uttering complaints? Can’t he who gave take away? Job was a righteous man but he underwent so great trials. Isn’t it God’s uplifting that I, a person deeply corrupted by satan, can undergo such a trial? I must not fall into satan’s scheme. Under the inspiration and guidance of God’s words, I went through the most painful time in my life. In this trial, I saw the Almighty God’s arm of love, and saw God’s hand of salvation. Under the encouragement of God’s love, I once again raised the sail of my life.

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