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It Was So Arrogant and Ignorant of Me to Judge Others


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It Was So Arrogant and Ignorant of Me to Judge Others

Some time ago, because of the need of the work, God’s family assigned a sister to coordinate with me. When I got to know that it was Sister X, a thought immediately came into my mind: Before, when we coordinated together, I found that she did not have much burden for the work, and she was rather fussy and often got sullen because of some small matters. As for such a person, why has God’s family not dismissed her but put her in this important position instead? As I had early had ill opinions of her, I felt her disagreeable to me in every way, and when we coordinated together I always found fault with her. A period of time later, I saw that she had gained some transformation compared with her past and also achieved some results in the work, but I still could not drop my prejudice against her.

One day, I read in the man’s fellowship these words: “All the work of God has significance. What kind of people God saves and what results he is to achieve in man in the end, most people do not understand well. People all have supercilious eyes and a self-right heart, so they love very much to view things and measure everything with their own ideas and never care to seek God’s will. This shows their arrogance and ignorance. … Whoever has the truth has progress and transformation himself, and he can also see others’ progress and transformation. Whoever has no truth surely cannot see the results God’s work has achieved in man, much less see others’ progress and transformation. People’s corrupt natures are the same. If you do not know yourself, how can you know others? It is not a simple matter to rightly look at others’ progress and transformation. To treat or measure others rightly according to God’s requirements in God’s word, one has to equip himself with some truths.”

After reading this passage, I examined my various ways of treating the sister and could not help feeling terribly ashamed. I saw that though I had believed in God for years, I still did not know how deeply I had been corrupted by satan. I should have arrogantly and ignorantly judged others according to my own ideas. Because the sister had displayed some corrupt nature when she coordinated with me before, I evaluated and judged her at will. I thought that a person like her did not deserve to accept commissions of God’s family and should have long since been dismissed home, as if I myself were holy and had never been corrupted by satan and never displayed any corrupt nature in my working. I was really too arrogant and too ignorant of myself! We people of today have all been deeply corrupted by satan and do not have any likeness of man. God has expended so much painstaking effort and paid so much price and expressed so many words to save us, with the purpose that we can understand the truth and know ourselves and cast off our corrupt nature step by step in the course of performing our duties. God never looks at our corrupt expressions but sees whether we have transformation. However, I did not see the transformation in the sister but looked at and judged her with my haughty eyes. When she displayed some corruptions, I took them to heart and could not forgive her. I was really too arrogant and devoid of sense, and I understood too little about God’s intention of saving man. As for myself, in my working I displayed so many corruptions and did so many things of disobeying and resisting God. But God did not eliminate me because I expressed too many corruptions; instead, he had the brothers and sisters fellowship about the truth with me time and time again and gave me the opportunity to know myself and to repent and be transformed. If, according to my thought, once one expressed some corrupt nature in his working he would be dismissed home, then shouldn’t I have long been eliminated by God?

O God, thank you for your leading and guidance. It has made me see that I, who judged others, was too arrogant and ignorant and knew myself too little. In future, I will no longer evaluate or judge others at will but will measure and look at them according to your word. In coordinating with the sister, I will drop my prejudice against her, try to know the substance of my corruptions more deeply, and pursue the truth and the transformation of my nature, so that I can be in harmony with you soon.

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