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It’s So Good to Eat and Drink God’s Word with a Burden


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It’s So Good to Eat and Drink God’s Word with a Burden

At the beginning of performing my duty as a church leader, every day I was busy with the gospel work and the general affairs, and I also wrote communication articles on life experience and had to answer the questions. So I always felt that time was very short. Faced with the brothers’ and sisters’ difficulties in life entering in, I did not have much burden for them, and when I ate and drank God’s word I seldom related it to their difficulties. Therefore, I had no knowledge of these words of God: “If you have a burden for the states of the life of the brothers and sisters, which is a burden God commits to you…. When you fellowship, you will pay attention to solving these problems. When you eat and drink God’s words, you will also pay attention to eating and drinking the words concerning this aspect. Eating and drinking God’s words with the burden, you will understand God’s requirements. Then you will be clearer about the ways to go on. …” Not until in a practical experience did I have some understanding of them.

One day, I went to have a meeting with a gospel-preaching team. A sister said to me: “When I go to preach the gospel, at the thought of having to face the humiliations and mockeries from the religious people, I’ll fall in a dilemma and I always feel preaching the gospel is a shameful thing.…” At that moment, I was caught unprepared at the difficulty the sister raised and I didn’t know which piece of God’s word should be used to solve it. Helpless, I came with this burden before God to seek. Then I read these words of God: “As a member of mankind and as one of the godly Christians, we have the responsibility and obligation to offer up our body and heart for completing God’s commission, because our whole being comes from God and comes into being because of God’s sovereignty. … If you dedicate yourself for God without being hindered by any influence, you will be one favored by God and will be one blessed by God. …do the things God wants you to do without being entangled by those things, then the things you do will be the most meaningful and most just cause of mankind in the world.” Yes! To preach the end-time gospel is God’s commission to us, and it is God requiring us to tell people his intention to save man. Isn’t this the most just cause? We tiny created beings can contribute our share in God’s work of managing mankind; isn’t this the most glorious and the proudest thing in our life? How could it be a shameful thing? At the moment, because I ate and drank God’s word with the sister’s difficulty, I understood that to preach the gospel was the sacred responsibility God had committed to us, and it was also the Creator’s uplifting of us, and even more it was the most just cause in the world. My heart felt much brightened. Then, I fellowshipped about this passage of God’s word with the sister. …

Through this experience, I have realized that God requires us to eat and drink God’s word with a burden for the purpose that we can better understand God’s intention and then care for God’s intention and resolve the difficulties of our own and of others with the truth, and thus we will have more ways of practice ahead, so that we can understand the truth and grow in life, and be perfected by God soon. Yet in the past, I always brushed aside the difficulties the brothers and sisters raised and always pleaded busyness, and thus lost lots of chances to gain the truth and be perfected by God. I have really disappointed God’s intention. Not only have I caused my own life to suffer loss, but I also have held up the brothers’ and sisters’ growth in life. Having thought of this, I felt extremely remorseful, and I made a resolution inwardly: From now on, I will cooperate actively in the difficulties brought forward by the brothers and sisters, and eat and drink God’s word with a burden, so as to enter into the reality of God’s word soon.

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