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It’s Very Crucial to Perform One’s Duty in Order of Priority


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It’s Very Crucial to Perform One’s Duty in Order of Priority

When I was first a small-district leader, I often got confused once I had many things to do. I got very busy and exhausted, but little result was achieved in the work. Later, led and guided by God in a practical experience, I came to realize that in performing my duty, the more things there were, the more I must get the priorities right.

One day, my assistant told me: “The church leader X always works by fits and starts. When you have time, go there and see if she should be replaced.” At the time, I agreed with my lips, but inwardly I felt a dilemma, “Yes, I have to go there, but how can I find time for it? Today the general-affair leader has things to discuss with me, and tomorrow I have to meet the members of the second-line team. Now, the sister performing the duty of watering becomes passive again, and I’ve an appointment with her for a fellowship. Do I still have time to go to the church?” But then I thought, “I’ve fellowshipped with this church leader many times. Every time she had quite a good knowledge of herself, but afterward, she just did not do her best to cooperate. If she is not replaced immediately, the work of God’s family will really be held up. I must go there to see to it. But for so many things, how should I make a good arrangement?” At a loss what to do, I came before God and prayed to him: “O God, now encountering these matters, I don’t know what I should do so that I won’t hold up the work of God’s family and can be after your heart. May you guide me.”

In my seeking, I remembered a passage in the man’s fellowship attached to Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers: “What difficulties in the church life need to be solved, who is suitable to solve these difficulties, whether you assign others to handle them or you personally do them; which works should be done by you and which works can be assigned to others, are you clear about all these? Are you clear about the extent to which others can handle them? What should you do if others handle them perfunctorily? All those mentioned above are practical problems. Those who serve God must know them thoroughly and only then can they do their work well.”

These words made my perturbed mind calm down gradually. Yes, if I want to do the work well, I must know very well the problems existing in the churches and have a clear idea about which things I should do personally and which things are suitable to be assigned to others. It is not that I must do everything myself. Only with a prior and reasonable arrangement can I do the various works of God’s family more efficiently and properly. Now for my small district, the general-affair leader wants to see me, I’ll meet the personnel of the second-line team, the sister performing the duty of watering becomes passive again, and that church leader unfit for the work should be replaced. Of these matters, which should I personally go to settle and which can be assigned to others to settle?

At the moment, I remembered Article 1 in “The Work Responsibilities of a Small-District Leader” in the work arrangement: “He must supervise and direct the work of the church leaders in all parts of the district…. The church leaders who are really unfit for the work must be replaced….”

The work arrangement showed me a clearer way to practice. Whether a church leader is selected properly is directly related to the life entering of the brothers and sisters in the whole church. This matter cannot be delayed and must be settled at once; moreover, to replace a church leader is of my work responsibility, and I have to go and do it personally. As to the fellowshipping with the sister of watering the church and with other personnel, I can assign them to my assistant or the minister. So, I immediately met with them and made the arrangements. In this way, all the problems were solved.

From this experience, I realized this: When one encounters problems in performing his duty, worries alone will not help matters. No matter how many works there are, one first has to sort them out and arrange them in order of propriety. Only by grasping the fundamental and central work, arranging the time and disposing the individuals reasonably, and acting strictly according to the work arrangements, can he do the works in a neat and orderly way and achieve the best results. Gradually, I have learned to solve the problems in the churches methodically, without being muddled and confused anymore.

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